Kotuko is a software house specializing in technological development and characterized by a special focus on innovation and continuous updating. The company’s mission is to assist businesses in their digitalisation path, producing and implementing innovative solutions to help them reach their goals and facilitate the development of relationships between people, thanks to a strategic, analytical and multidisciplinary approach. 

Kotuko’s team, composed of professionals from the world of information technology and web marketing, offers a quality service, which is also guaranteed by the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.  At the core of the business’ success lies the willingness to bet on the most recent technologies, without forgetting the personal growth of everybody. 

The company works in the Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Communication field and is dedicated to its clients’ digital transformation from a comprehensive point of view. It develops the best solutions to answer their specific needs, using the most innovative technologies available on the market. From the development of applications and cloud platforms to solutions which make use of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, from system integration to blockchain, Kotuko shapes its expertise depending on the peculiarities of the industries in which it operates: automotive, food & beverage, banking & insurance, healthcare and industrial IoT.

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