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Entando - martes, 12 de julio de 2022 - Product / Support
Update - Kubernetes support for Entando 6.3.2 and 7.0

Entando’s policy is to support three active releases of Kubernetes. Support for each K8s release ends no sooner than three months after the official Kubernetes End of Life date to give our customers and partners time to upgrade their Kubernetes version. The following is the current Entando timeline.

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Entando - martes, 19 de mayo de 2020 - Developer Topics, Case Studies
3 Ways Your Frontend Monolith Is Hurting Your Business

Micro frontends are an important innovation for enterprise software development. Ignoring them may end up hurting your business. Here’s how.

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Entando - martes, 12 de mayo de 2020 - Product / Support, Developer Topics
What is a Micro Frontend Platform?

Micro frontends offer a number of benefits to your organization, but they also introduce a new level of complexity. A micro frontend platform helps your business innovate quickly while managing increasing complexity. Here's how.

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Entando - martes, 5 de mayo de 2020 - Developer Topics
3 Reasons Why A Consistent UX Is A Better UX

Creating consistent UX across your organization is more than simply a pipe dream of your marketing and graphic design teams. It’s key to the success of your business. Here’s why.

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Entando - martes, 28 de abril de 2020 - Modernization, Developer Topics
How To Know It’s Time To Start Using A Micro Frontend Architecture

As the use of micro frontends becomes an emerging trend in enterprise software development, you may be considering a move away from your current frontend development methods toward MFEs. Here are 4 signs it’s time to transition to a micro frontend architecture.

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Entando - martes, 21 de abril de 2020 - Developer Topics
5 Projects Where Micro Frontends Are Useful

Micro frontends help you empower independent teams and innovate faster. Here are 5 kinds of projects that micro frontends help with.

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