Digital Transformation: Our Collaboration with Entando

Entando - jueves, 14 de septiembre de 2023
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Embracing change in pursuit of digital transformation has become crucial for companies to remain competitive and relevant in today's business landscape.

This transformation process entails the adoption of digital technologies to streamline operations, develop cutting-edge products and services, and improve customer experience. It also demands a long-term vision and a continuous investment of commitment and skills at every organizational level. To meet the demands and execute the pace set by this complex process, we are presenting the partnership between Intesys and Entando – a synergy of open-source principles and composable architecture.

Openness and Composability

To drive digital transformations and maintain a competitive edge in the current business climate, we embrace and advocate for the technology principles of open source, open standards, and composable architecture.

We believe open source and open standards are no longer simply options, but the only viable ways to create value. We’ve mentioned the reasons before, but it bears repeating; there are many benefits to transparency, sharing knowledge and fostering open collaboration for providers and users alike:

  • Affordability
  • Reliability, resilience and security
  • High-quality code
  • Shared knowledge and expertise
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Flexibility and adaptability to new technologies
  • Development of open resources
  • Reduced maintenance costs and increased ROI

The open source and open standard approaches, when combined with composable architecture, is capable of overcoming all the obstacles of digitization, providing a competitive edge to companies who embrace these choices.

As IT service providers, we need to take advantage of composable architecture to leverage modularity as a key element that enables agility, with the capability to compose and recompose applications and adapt to customer needs.

To this end, we introduce the packaged business capabilities, or PBCs, composable software components that represent well-defined business capabilities.

PBCs are composable building blocks that use conventional cloud-native technologies such as microservices, and provide a set of management interfaces, services, APIs, and events. Designed around business objectives and functionalities, these building blocks make up the architecture of the agile application.

Due to the well-defined business function of each component, its composability and open-source approach, an enabling infrastructure can be quickly built. A customized solution can then be created within the infrastructure, using the various components, and continually improved by adding, removing, or modifying blocks to respond to market demands.

Customization, adaptability and, in particular, timeliness results when composable methods are combined with the collaborative approaches of open source and open standards.

Gartner has estimated that companies utilizing composable architectures will be able to release new features to the market 80% faster than their competitors.

Success in the Digital Transformation Age: Tools and Partnerships

The "recipe" for a company's success in the digital transformation era is not only about timing and proactivity in responding to changes but also takes into account technological and infrastructural choices, along with the partners along the value chain with whom collaboration is sought to achieve specific objectives.

Partner Selection: Entando

The open-source approach shows us that collaboration and openness are essential to delivering quality service. Likewise, our partnership with Entando was formed by our shared vision for the future of technology, where composability, openness, and collaboration stand as essential elements for building modern applications.

Entando is a software company established in 2015, recognized as Sample Vendor by Gartner in the 2022 and 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Platform Services. Indeed, they enable and support organizations in developing cloud-native composable applications on Kubernetes, allowing projects to be organized around a Hub of composable building blocks. These blocks can be developed, implemented, and updated independently and reused across different solutions.

Strength in Unity in the Digital Landscape: Why Was This Partnership Formed?

The collaboration between Entando and Intesys is a compelling one which arose from their shared focus and enthusiasm towards composable architecture and the use of cutting-edge technologies and standards. Furthermore, both organizations are committed to open source projects, sharing knowledge, the development of building blocks like packaged business capabilities, and the creation of collaborative solutions.

"One of the factors that most convinced us of this choice was finding a partner that faithfully and punctually reflects our open-source philosophy, our commitment to collaboration, and digital evolution. Moreover, new IT architectures demand increased attention and strategic structuring based on microservices to withstand digitization, and we find that Entando adeptly follows the PBC paradigm with excellent market products."- Ilario Gavioli, Founder and General Manager - Intesys


"Intesys seamlessly integrates into the Entando ecosystem due to its ability to develop architectures aligned with business initiatives and expertise in the realm of cloud-native solutions. Their catalog of business capabilities provides an excellent lever and opportunity to accelerate the time to value of composability within companies and for the entire ecosystem, guiding the market into the Capability Economy." - Emanuele Cerroni, Global Channel and Alliance - Entando

On behalf of Intersys and Entando, we have joined paths to bring clarity to the digital transformation process. By combining tools and expertise, we will optimize business processes, data and analytics management, and software delivery timelines, while providing customized solutions that can integrate and modernize complex systems and deliver innovative and seamless user experiences.


CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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