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Luca Mezzalira, Anthony Viard, Sohini Pattanayak - miércoles, 29 de junio de 2022 -
The Future is Modular! How the evolution of architecture has paved a new frontier for cloud-native apps
Join us for this exclusive interview with Special Guest, Amazon's Luca Mezzalira, presented by Entando Developer Advocates Anthony Viard & Sohini Pattanayak. Watch on Demand
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Sohini Pattanayak - miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2022 - Community, Developer Topics
Part 3: Building a Simple Application using Entando ACP | Getting started with Entando Platform
In the third part tutorial, we learn to build a simple list of cards using react, publish it as a bundle, deploy it to the Entando Component Repository and install it in our App Builder. We go through with the concepts of the 4c's. Watch on Demand
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Sohini Pattanayak - martes, 15 de febrero de 2022 - Developer Topics

Part 2: Getting Started with Entando

This webinar is part 2 in our Getting Started with Entando series where we learn about installing the Entando Platform on our local laptops. Watch on Demand
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Sohini Pattanayak - martes, 1 de febrero de 2022 - Community, Developer Topics
Part 1 - What is Entando? Series: Getting started with Entando Platform
In this video, we learn about What is Entando? To help developers learn more, we are bringing you a series of videos, that will help you understand how to get started with the Entando Platform. Watch on Demand

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Anthony Viard - miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2021 - Developer Topics, Community
Who are you Standard Banking Demo?
The Entando Standard Banking Demo provides a set of microservices, micro frontends, and CMS components to demonstrate how you can leverage the platform to develop, deploy and make your applications available for your users. Watch on Demand
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Dale Chamberlain - miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2020 - Kubernetes, Developer Topics

5 Key Steps When Implementing A Micro Frontend Platform For Kubernetes

Learn about the key features of a micro frontend platform, including role management and authentication using Keycloak, implementing micro frontends with microservices, communication between micro frontends, code reuse, and polyglot frontend development. Watch on Demand
Joe White & Giuseppe De Santis - martes, 1 de diciembre de 2020 - Developer Topics

Architecting, Designing, and Developing With Micro Frontends on Kubernetes

In this webinar, we discuss technical decisions as well as the business implications of developing apps with micro frontends on Kubernetes.  Watch on Demand

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