Entando Releases version 7.2 with major new features and enhancements to performance and usability.

Entando - mardi 30 mai 2023
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San Diego, CA, 30th May 2023 -  Entando, an open-source application composition platform that allows you to build composable and cloud-native business applications on Kubernetes, today announced the General Availability of  Entando Version 7.2.

Modernizing applications is now one of the top strategic priorities for businesses. This process aims to create new business value from existing applications. This is necessary for all organizations undergoing a digital transformation journey, with the intention of adopting cloud-native paradigms to replace legacy systems.

This latest version of Entando introduces several new features that enhance the platform's capabilities for modernizing and building web applications.Entando Hub 3.1  is one of the key new features of Entando 7.2.

The Entando Cloud Hub is a catalog of building blocks used to compose enterprise applications. The new Entando Hub 3.1 extends the hub functionality, introducing a new feature to create private catalogs within the same instance, API tokens to grant access from the Entando App Builder, and a secure white-label option for 3rd party component authors.

Another significant enhancement in Entando 7.2 is the addition of Entando Multitenancy, which allows users to create and manage multiple platform instances from a single installation. This feature is ideal for organizations that want to build different digital experiences and role-based applications leveraging the same instance. With Entando Multitenancy, customers can save Kubernetes resources and reduce the environmental impact of their applications.

Entando 7.2 also includes support for the latest versions of Kubernetes (1.24-1.25), which ensures that the platform is compatible with the latest container orchestration technology. Additionally, this version includes performance and usability enhancements that improve the overall user experience.

"Entando 7.2 is another step forward for those customers who want to start the composable journey with an application composition platform," said Walter Ambu, CEO and Founder of Entando. "With this latest version of Entando, we're providing even more powerful tools for building modern, composable and cloud-native web applications that meet the needs of today's businesses."

Entando 7.2 is available immediately for new and existing customers.

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By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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