4 Business Goals Micro Frontends Help You Achieve

Micro frontends are an important tool for development teams and technical leaders, but the decision to begin using a micro frontend architecture is an important business decision. Here are 4 business goals micro frontends can help you achieve.

Entando - mardi 9 juin 2020
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Micro frontends are an important tool for development teams and technical leaders, but the decision to begin using a micro frontend architecture is an important business decision.

Depending on your business goals or current points of friction, micro frontends can help you in some key ways. There isn’t a one-size fits all approach to the implementation of micro frontends, and you may want to move away from your frontend monolith for one or more of the reasons below.

Here are 4 important business goals that micro frontends can help you achieve.

1. Empower your development teams to release updates independently in order to increase your overall speed of innovation.

Every business leader knows that having a game-changing idea isn’t the only key to having success in the market. The idea is just the beginning.

The most successful organizations aren’t necessarily the first ones to come up with the idea, but they are often among the first to execute and implement it at scale. So when it comes to innovation, speed to market can make all the difference in the world.

By leveraging a microservice and micro frontend application, you can spin up development teams that have end-to-end control over a particular feature, function, or an entire line of business within your organization. They can develop, design, test, and deploy their updates independently from the rest of your site, while minimizing the risk that they will negatively affect other parts of the site.

Rather than waiting for a cumbersome frontend to be developed and released all at once, micro frontends allow your teams to work with manageable codebases and innovate at the pace of their ideas.

This kind of team structure will decrease friction between teams, and it will motivate your teams to innovate quickly, experiment continuously, and update iteratively. By creating a development process that’s nimble and agile, you will begin to develop a culture of innovation within your organization, which will allow you to pursue or maintain a position of leadership within your industry.

2. Maintain a competitive edge by attracting and hiring top talent.

In a previous post, we talked about how micro frontends help you increase developer joy by enabling you to empower your teams with more freedom when it comes to releasing updates and choosing the tools they love, as well as in allowing them to zero in on solving a focused set of problems.

Allowing this kind of freedom that makes for happier teams of developers is one key component in building a winning culture that makes it easier to recruit, hire, and retain top talent, which gives you a considerable advantage over the competition.

Building a developer-friendly reputation will go a long way in helping you reach your business goals.

3. Save money and use infrastructural resources economically by scaling your applications with more precision.

When you are running applications at scale across thousands of container instances, you want to make sure that you’re able to scale your applications to effectively handle the amount of traffic you’re currently experiencing on your application, but you also want to do so efficiently so that you don’t use any more infrastructural resources than necessary.

So instead of scaling the entire application up and down, with micro frontends you are able to scale the particular parts of your site that are experiencing the most traffic. Depending on how you’re pushing traffic to your site via lead generating advertisements or other resources, you can scale that part of your site to accommodate the increase in users, while leaving other parts of your site alone, since users may not be visiting other parts of your site with the same amount of density.

With a monolithic frontend architecture, you wouldn't be able to scale with this level of precision, which will end up costing you more money in the long run, particularly if you have a high number of users on your application.

4. Give your customers better online experiences with apps that are high performing and resilient.

By decoupling the features and functions in your application, you’re able to increase the resiliency of your app. And that’s because with micro frontends, one part of your application can fail without taking down your entire site.

Users are highly likely to leave an app or site if it isn’t loading quickly and functioning effectively. And worse yet, they will often form a negative opinion of your brand. They won’t keep it to themselves either. That kind of negative word of mouth can hurt your business and can cost you customers.

So in the event that one part of your app isn’t functioning properly, micro frontends enable to isolate the problem to that one part of the code and minimize the damage to your brand while you work to get that micro frontend back up and running.

Build your enterprise applications with micro frontends on Kubernetes to reach your business goals.

When release cycles take months instead of weeks, your business is left unable to deliver modern online experiences. Development bottlenecks slow your ability to make application updates, keeping you from iterating and innovating. And outdated or clunky UX keeps you from winning customers over and retaining them.

So that’s why we created a platform to help you get your ideas to market faster.

Entando is the leading micro frontend platform for building enterprise web apps on Kubernetes. We want to change the way enterprises think about building their apps, sites, and portals in order to innovate more quickly.

With Entando, you can leverage customized blueprints to quickly create micro frontends and assemble them onto a single page. Then reuse UI/UX components across multiple projects via the Entando Component Repository, saving money and increasing development speed. Scale quickly and effectively with Entando’s custom Kubernetes operator, automating the deployment of scalable, self-healing applications.

Entando is open source with available enterprise support. Begin developing on the platform today, and get a quote to see how our Professional Services team can help your enterprise build better apps, sites, and portals--faster.


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