PlayaLibre and Entando together for the beaches’ protection

Hedya joins Entando ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner program.

Entando - vendredi 18 novembre 2022
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Entando and Hedya are joining forces to offer Playa Libre from the Entando Cloud Hub (ECH) as a packaged business capability (PBC). The goal of this collaboration is to make Playa Libre available to all Public Administrations, particularly municipalities that want their digitization process to include the integration of an innovative system of artificial intelligence that prevents beach crowding, which is the main contributor to coastal erosion.

Playa Libre allows Public Administrations to monitor the real-time flow of beach tourism and geographic parameters to optimize management of services and plan specific actions suitable to the protection and environmental sustainability of the coast. In addition, live occupancy tracking promotes the correct and conscious behavior of beachgoers.

"Integrate the Playa Libre system in the Entando Hub allows a real and capillary dissemination of the solution to the problem of beach erosion due to the anthropic load that affects all the coastal areas of the Italian and world territory. The Partnership strongly supports the process of technological and digital innovation and contributes to the achievement of two goals among those proposed by the Nations United for sustainable development" – Mariella Sole, Hedya CEO

“The collaboration with Playa Libre fits perfectly into the project to expand the capabilities of our Hub to facilitate the transformation of the Public Administration and the innovation path that, in particular, the Municipalities will face within the PNRR. It represents a dual opportunity for a conscious consumption of environmental resources and for a better experience of them by citizens." – Emanuele Cerroni, Entando Channel manager

Playa Libre is the system developed by Hedya that provides citizens and tourists with a list, in real time, of the least crowded beaches in close proximity. The goal of this initiative is to influence the flow of coastal tourism to reduce the influx of people and share the “state of health” of these beaches with the appropriate authorities.

Entando enables and supports organizations developing cloud-native and modular applications on Kubernetes, allowing them to structure their projects around specific business functions, or PBCs, which can be developed, implemented and updated independently and reused in different solutions. The resulting application architecture accelerates release times and reduces development and cloud costs while streamlining maintenance.


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By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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