Entando on OpenShift

Continuous innovation with micro frontends on the hybrid cloud

The leading micro frontend platform for building enterprise web apps on OpenShift

When release cycles take months instead of weeks, you’re left unable to deliver modern online experiences. So that’s why we created a platform to help you get your ideas to market faster using your existing infrastructure.

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Quickly create microservices and micro frontends from customized blueprints and assemble them into an application. 

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Reuse UI/UX components across multiple projects, saving money and increasing development speed. 

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Horizontally scale high availability applications quickly with Entando on top of OpenShift.

How Entando Helps OpenShift Users

Entando provides tools designed to help you be successful on an OpenShift infrastructure.


Development Teams 

develop iteratively and deploy independently


IT Operations

scale resilient apps efficiently using micro frontends


Business Leaders

get their ideas to market more quickly 

Success Story

Built as an all-in-one app for rideshare drivers, DriverMate enables users to easily manage their profile, paperless insurance processes, and cleanliness requirements. 

"By developing DriverMate with Entando on Openshift, Octo Telematics has been able to address a number of challenges in one easy-to-use app. As we continue to innovate smart mobility features, Entando gives us the ability to do so quickly and with a multichannel strategy."

App Highlights

Built with Entando 6 on OpenShift for rideshare drivers

Intuitive sign-on/sign-in onboarding process

Fully integrates with EasyClaim for seamless collision reporting

Tracks user’s driving movement for insurance purposes

Fully integrates with PurePlace to manage vehicle air purification

Integrates with Octo APIs for user management and SMS dispatch

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