2021 Entando Holiday Guide

A special curated list of fun and unique gifts for all ages to enjoy this season from the Entando Team!

- Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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It’s that time of year again to contribute to the ever growing inflation of our economy, Holiday  shopping!

But before you spring for that new snuggie print or the mini waffle maker you think Aunt Florie will love, you might want to check out what’s on our wish list - We’ve all been pretty good techies this year so we’re certain one of these is bound to land in our stockings from Santa!

Whether you’re shopping for the young or old, we’ve taken some consideration in curating a unique gift list for those close in your life!  And, even if you’re planning on saving a few dollars this year, we think these are noteworthy to save when you’re ready to splurge - Enjoy!

For the Creator

1. Tamiya 1/72 Scale F16: Nothing brings us more nostalgia than a modeling kit, particularly this F-16CJ by Tamiya.  1/72 to scale from the original F-16 Fighting Falcon developed by General Dynamics for the US Air Force. The details alone on this plane are incredible!  

2. Genetic Engineering Kit: Fostering the next bio engineer has never been easier with this pack.  From gathering DNA to growing bacteria, you’ll learn how the pros do it.  Bonus, you can make bio-art from your specimens too!  

3. Quantum Starter Bundle: This starter bundle electronics platform can literally be created to do anything.  A favorite here at Entando, though it quite possibly is credited to the unique video on Quantum’s site that walks you through the endless possibilities of this creative set.

4. Little Bits Rule Your Room Bundle:  What better way to get that little someone in your life excited about  STEM than through this neat kit that encourages exploration of possibilities! Create a game,  light switch or even a doorbell from scratch, imagination is endless with this nifty gift.

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For the Curator

1. MAKE Magazine: The leading voice of the maker movement, this publication offers an array of projects, tutorials, stories to inspire and in-depth reviews for all ages.  Available in print or digital!

2. D-FantiX Shengshou Mirror Cube: A unique twist on the original Rubix Cube!  This cube allows you to continually modify the shape of each row and challenge yourself to return it back to its original shape. Recommended for all ages and a great game for family night. (Or, that long virtual meeting you’re about to have!)

3. Tamiya Ferrari FXX K:  Truth be told, we just can’t stay away from Tamiya and their amazing collection of model kits.  For all of us here that dream of pulling up to the office in the real-deal instead, spring for this FXX K kit and save that $2.7 million dollar price tag for a rainy day!

4. V-Coptr Falcon: E.T. phone home...with this drone!  Do not be fooled by the size, what we love about this guy is the crystal-clear video which is enhanced with a built-in gimbal. Along with the low noise this drone has extended flight time allowing you to capture some pretty stunning shots!

5. PowerUp Family Squadron: If owning a drone isn’t your thing but the science of flight still captures your attention, then check out this impressive smartphone-controlled paper airplane by PowerUp.  Accompanied with an easy-to-navigate tutorial, you can create 10 unique versions and a multitude of materials.

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For the Composer

1. Learn JavaScript Quickly: Curious about coding but not sure where to start?  This beginner’s guide on programming is the book for you!  Expand your toolbelt with JavaScript and experience the endless possibilities of programming opportunities in the amazing world of I.T.  (Available on Kindle and paperback).

2. Big Pilot’s Perpetual Calendar: The sleekest watch on the block.  Short of doing your laundry and cooking dinner, this amazing device is guaranteed to keep you on track.  We’ve made sure to be extra good this year for Santa to drop this in our stocking.

3. Oculus Quest 2: This all-in-one virtual reality set is sure to enhance your next gaming adventure!  With its easy set up and sleek design you’re sure to have the best immersive experience.

4. PlayStation 5: We’re not sure what more we can say about this coveted gaming console.  Especially now with the newest digital edition.  Gaming has never been more sweet for the Entando team!

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For the Consumer

1. Louis XII Remy Martin: Made to look like it’s original 16th century flask, this savory cognac is the perfect treat for the connoisseur in your life.  Each bottle comes individually numbered making this gift of 1,200 grapes one to remember.

2. Porsche Weekender Bag: We’re ready to take our next road trip with this weekender bag!  With enough compartments to pack our wardrobe,  traveling has never looked so sleek till now.

3. Larq Water Bottle: This is not your average water bottle.  Not only does it keep things cold for over 24hours, it self-cleans and purifies your water in just 60 seconds.  Staying hydrated has never been easier!

4. Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses: In the new age of technology it makes perfect sense to own a pair of smart glasses. Ray-Ban really stepped up their game by taking their classic frame and upgrading it with camera, audio and touch control. Capturing your adventures has never been easier!

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