Entando CEO Joins JHipster Tech Advisory Board

Entando CEO Paul Hinz has joined the JHipster technical advisory board. Learn more here.

- Monday, September 20, 2021
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Monday, September 20, 2021

Entando CEO Paul Hinz has joined the JHipster Technology Advisory Board. This board supports the open source JHipster community by providing industry insight into the JHipster project in order that it continues to reflect and serve a diverse and growing user community. The Board discusses and makes recommendations regarding the strategy, roadmap, and technical directions.

“As an open source company, Entando is passionate about contributing to leading open source communities like JHipster and providing enterprise support for their use,” said Hinz. “That’s why we included JHipster into our platform and became a technical and financial sponsor of JHipster. My joining the JHipster Tech Advisory Board is an important part of my personal commitment to the open source community and our friends at JHipster.”

Entando is also a gold sponsor of JHipster, and JHipster serves as the foundation of the Entando Component Generator, which provides developers with advanced data modeling capabilities to automatically generate corresponding microservices and micro frontends.

“I’m thrilled to have Paul join us in the JHipster Tech Advisory Board. As the project grows, we’re looking to have more industry feedback, to better understand why people use JHipster, and what they need from the project,” said Julien Dubois, JHipster Creator and Project Lead. 

“As an Open Source community, we have a natural tendency to focus on our code and our current opened tickets, and we realized that we were lacking a long-term vision: what will our users need in the next 2 to 5 years? How can we solve the biggest challenges that they will encounter? Those are tough questions, which are vital to the future of the project, and we aim to solve them together in the tech advisory board.” 

About Entando

Entando is an open source software company providing an application composition platform for building enterprise web applications on Kubernetes. Focused on helping companies fully modularize their applications and align frontend and backend code updates, Entando helps simplify application lifecycle management by automating and accelerating responsiveness to security vulnerabilities, bug fix demands, and requests for enhancements. In 2015, Entando was named in the "Cool Vendors in Web Computing" Gartner report. In 2017, it became an official Red Hat Technology Partner, and Entando's platform won the Digital360 Awards prize in the cloud computing category in 2018.

About JHipster

JHipster is a development platform to quickly generate, develop, and deploy modern web applications and microservice architectures. They support many frontend technologies, including Angular, React, and Vue. They even have mobile app support for Ionic and React Native! On the backend, they support Spring Boot (with Java or Kotlin), Micronaut, Quarkus, Node.js, and .NET. For deployment, they embrace cloud native principles with Docker and Kubernetes. Deployment support exists for AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, and OpenShift.


CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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