Entando Develops the Municipality of Cagliari’s Digital Portal

The municipal administration is oriented towards continuing to invest in enabling digital platforms and developing further online services according to a virtuous logic of growth and sharing.

Entando - Wednesday, October 6, 2021
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The project of the new website was financed with the European PON-Metro funds, assigned to the municipalities of the Metropolitan Cities, through which the Municipality of Cagliari has recently created a reusable portal (www.comune.Cagliari.it) of national value, thanks to the collaboration with the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID) and the Digital Transformation Team, with whom it first experimented and then adopted the latest design guidelines that will be adopted by all Italian municipalities.

In the catalog, the various components of the project are free and free of charge, both those of the graphic design and the software modules, in accordance with the provisions of article 69 of the Digital Administration Code, on the subject of "Reuse of open solutions and standards" and AgID guidelines on the acquisition and reuse of software in the Public Administration.

The site was designed primarily for use on smartphones, which have been the main web access devices for years, but which of course also dynamically adapts to desktop versions.

The organization of the contents has been re-engineered to represent all information and services in four simple sections: Administration, Services, News, Documents, and Data. The studio has therefore made it possible to develop new information architecture, much closer to the needs of citizens and businesses, which aims to simplify access also thanks to a new system for classifying information by topics, the keywords that best describe the reality and life of a Municipality. The contents, collected in topics, then generate the thematic pages that present them.

The portal was created with the “Entando” web content management software, an open-source platform developed by the Sardinian company of the same name, based on integrable, reusable, and customizable components and modules, which adapts to portals of high complexity and size. In the project made available for reuse, the Entando software itself is available, which allows you to reuse some standard services ready for use, such as authentication with SPID, reports, or online appointments. In the case of the adoption of an alternative system, many useful components are available for reuse, such as all the graphic templates of the various sections or the information architecture agreed with AGID. The web content manager has been associated with a powerful search engine that uses the taxonomy based on tags, which represent the set of predefined topics that have been cataloged. This search function helps the user to reach the sections of interest within the site more easily, suggesting the most appropriate content from time to time based on his previous choices.

The municipal administration is strongly oriented towards continuing to invest its resources in enabling digital platforms and developing further online services according to a virtuous logic of growth and sharing. For these purposes it is essential to share experiences with all the other Bodies that are interested in making it easier and more effective for citizens and businesses to access web services, fostering a path of collaboration and joint growth.

These issues have already been shared with the main Local Bodies of the regional territory, to which the reuse of the Portal of the Municipality of Cagliari has been proposed in advance and some of which have already formally joined the initiative.

Today the entire project (link below) has been published on the national AGID reuse platform and will therefore have greater visibility, with the prospect that further Administrations can adopt it and in turn contribute to improving it with new features, as well as sharing the strategic vision and standardization of services to citizens with the new scenarios offered by information and communication technologies.

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