Entando Releases version 7.1 to Accelerate Adoption of Packaged Business Capabilities

Updates focus on simplifying PBC creation, bundling, and deployment to a shareable hub for low-code application composition.

Entando - Tuesday, November 8, 2022
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Miami, FL, 8 Nov 2022 -  Entando, an open source application composition platform that enables fusion teams to accelerate the development of business applications by composing low-code applications from pro code components, today announced General Availability of  Entando Version 7.1. 

Enterprises modernizing applications in the cloud are often looking to reduce lifetime application costs while also looking to simplify and accelerate the development and reconfiguration of applications to meet business requirements.  Entando 7.1 supports those goals and continues the advancement of composable applications by focusing on the Creator role in the application composition development process.  



Creators are full stack developers who build pro-code modules which include microservices and micro frontends, leverage Kubernetes APIs, and are bundled into reusable business functions called Packaged Business Capabilities (PBC), e.g., user account creation, login, password recovery, and user profile editing user interfaces and backend code for a specific identity management provider bundled into a single PBC for authentication that is then used and managed across multiple applications.  Entando v7.1 simplifies the development of PBCs, allowing them to be shared within the Entando Hub and assembled in the low-code Entando Application Builder (both also part of Entando v7.1).  Specific features that enable the development of PBCs are bundle templates, advanced CLI, updated tooling, and an updated Docker specification.

 Read more in the Entando V7.1 Release Blog here.

An additional advancement in Entando v7.1 is support for modular extensions called Entando Platform Capabilities (EPCs). EPCs enable Composers to extend the Entando Platform by enabling tight integration with other decoupled enterprise applications such as headless services. Headless services (e.g., Strapi.io) can now be easily bundled as an EPC, stored within the Entando Hub, and added to the Entando App Builder with a few clicks. Low-code developers can then leverage these services within the Entando App Builder when defining, updating, and composing applications.  Enterprises and Systems Integrators leveraging Entando v7.1 can now define their own EPCs allowing them to leverage a low-code platform from their chosen headless services.   

“Entando V7.1 is an advanced open source Application Composition Platform, compatible with almost any existing enterprise infrastructure, supporting multiple combinations of runtimes, frontend frameworks, and CI/CD platforms,” said, Manish Dixit, Chief Product Officer, Entando Inc, “Enterprises looking to enable fusion teams, or who are modernizing applications on Kubernetes, or who are implementing a hexagonal or clean architecture, should look to Entando v7.1 and our expert SI partners to accelerate the development of modern applications.” 

“In the process of modernising our software architectures with a cloud native approach on Kubernetes, by leveraging an API-first architecture, Entando played a decisive role in allowing us to also modernise the frontend, and to align frontend and backend advancements in a consistent and solid architecture.”, said Michelangelo Chasseur CEO of Kotuko. “Application Composition is enabling us to deliver faster, but also to re-architect more quickly, with a standard approach while also helping us to define and enforce governance policies across development teams.” 

To learn more about Entando v 7.1, or to get started with Composable Applications, see:


Entando  is an Application Composition Platform that enables fusion teams to better collaborate with business users by composing or recomposing cloud-native applications from shareable, modular business components in a low-code application builder, accelerating development, streamlining maintenance, lowering total lifecycle costs and improving overall business agility. 

The platform is based on trusted open technologies to provide a cohesive and streamlined developer environment for the low-codecreation of modular business components, a library to share and discover components, and a low-code environment to enable fusion teams to collaboratively assemble business components into applications.  Teams can leverage multiple popular runtimes, frameworks, architectures, and best-of-breed enterprise software within the same low-code application builder allowing greater flexibility and improving business resilience. 

Entando is available in open source with available enterprise support and services.  Begin developing on the platform today, or get a quote to see how our team can help your enterprise build better apps, sites and portals – faster. 


CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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