Let Cloudmind and Entando guide you through the world of composable and cloud-native applications.

Entando - Friday, March 17, 2023
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The impetus for the collaboration between Entando and Cloudmind was to join the digital evolution of like organizations via an easy and safe adoption of the most innovative cloud technologies.

Gartner believes that the future of applications is modular and that starting from 2024, 70% of medium to large organizations will incorporate modular architecture into application development.

Cloudmind and Entando are aligned with this vision and able to offer significant advantages that accelerate the development and modernization of applications by improving the customer experience, offering innovative products and services, and increasing efficiency and productivity to satisfy market demand ahead of the competition.

According to Stefano Carlini, Business Development and Alliances Director of Cloudmind, “The innovative technology developed by Entando fits perfectly within the ecosystem of solutions of our offer portfolio to enrich our ability to support customers in the development of complex applications, but at the same time with the characteristics of scalability, strength and resilience required by a constantly evolving market. This is in line with our business strategy.”

Emanuele Cerroni, Entando Partner and Alliance Manager, asserts that “Cloudmind is part of the Entando ecosystem, bringing capabilities and skills to the development and governance of cloud projects, as well as the ability to integrate the business capabilities offered by the Google Cloud platform, of which it is a partner, in the composable experience.”

Cloudmind, part of the market-leading system integrator Maticmind Group, provides Intelligent Cloud Transformation, a cloud-based approach to assisting public and private organizations with digital transformation opportunities. Cloudmind offers an end-to-end migration of infrastructures, processes and applications to the cloud, develops cloud collaboration applications, and applies artificial intelligence to improve user digital experience, data collection and intelligent data management.

Entando is an application composition platform that enables development and business teams to better collaborate by composing or recomposing cloud-native applications from shareable, modular components in a low-code application builder, thus accelerating development, streamlining maintenance, lowering total lifecycle costs, and improving overall business agility. 


CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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