Composition Application Platform:key components for the "composable Public Sector"

Entando - Monday, April 3, 2023
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Technological innovation is the engine of our time, able to bring renewal and therefore transformation.

The digital revolution opens new opportunities for the Public Sector in terms of developing new services for citizens and businesses. For this reason, Public Sector must rethink the methodologies and architectures in order to be able to implement and constantly improve the IT solutions, to achieve the digital transition foreseen by the European funds in time.

It’s obvious that to overcome such an important challenge we need to introduce new paradigms, especially aimed at improving and re-engineering processes.

And it's in this scenario that the collaboration between Aicof and Entando is born, whose mission is to lead your company in the process of digitization, increase its efficiency and support it in change, through the composable paradigm.

Joint expertise will lead to the development of "Composable Applications in a cloud-native environment": applications and portals designed to "turn" natively in cloud environments and realized through the development of elements that are composed of each other to form a complete application.

This approach makes it possible to significantly accelerate service delivery times, significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs and ensure high levels of safety.

“The composable logic under the hood of Entando is ideal for our needs as a system integrator. Many of the features we frequently implement in our projects - like digital signature services or payment solutions - are quite often third-party software integrations. Following the composable business paradigm, the single block evolves into an autonomous reusable component with an extremely well crafted UX design, thanks to Entando’s micro frontend approach.”, said Cesare Cappio Borlino - Chief Operating Officer,  AICOF

"AICOF is an innovative reality whose skills and capabilities combined with the Entando platform represent an important lever to support innovation and support digital transformation projects in particular in Digital Health." Emanuele Cerroni, Entando Channel Manager.

AICOF is a Software House born in Cagliari, Sardinia. Thanks to the extraordinary expertise of more than 60 technology talents, they create high-quality custom software and system integration. They specialize in digital transformation projects for Public Administration, from digital healthcare to the creation of high-capacity systems for document management and administrative flows.

Entando is an Application Composition Platform that enables fusion teams to better collaborate with business users by composing or recomposing cloud-native applications from shareable, modular business components in a low code application builder, accelerating development, streamlining maintenance, lowering total lifecycle costs, and improving overall business agility. 


CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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