Athlos and Entando to support PA and private companies in different markets.

 Athlos joins Entando ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner program.

Entando - Monday, January 16, 2023
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The collaboration between Athlos and Entando has resulted in a valuable combination of skills and expertise. The goal is to support the digital evolution of the PA by using the AIPA, AGID certified Athlos platform to create intelligent digital assistants that provide advanced human-machine interaction capabilities and are available on the Entando Cloud Hub. AIPA manages complex conversations in natural language and simplifies how citizens and businesses request documents and access information related to public services.

"The union of our skills and technologies will offer effective support to both public administrations, for the management of Smart Cities, and private companies in different market sectors.” - Alessandro Frulio, Founder and head of Research and Development at Athlos

According to Emanuele Cerroni, Entando Partner Manager: "This new partnership represents a further effort to provide the PA with Entando Cloud Hub capabilities that enrich the experience and interactions with citizens.”

Athlos relies on its Natural Language Processing engine, digital assistants, and the proprietary platform AIKA, which is based on the semantic analysis of information flows, to manage complex business conversations. In particular, it enables companies to innovate the way in which information is accessed and processed by offering strategic knowledge, increasing competitive advantage, and optimizing decision-making. The interaction in natural language automatically activates the extraction and processing of information, which is stored and categorized by the semantic engine.

Entando enables and supports organizations developing cloud-native and modular applications on Kubernetes, allowing them to structure their projects around specific business functions, or PBCs, which can be developed, implemented and updated independently and reused in different solutions. The resulting application architecture accelerates release times and reduces development and cloud costs while streamlining maintenance.


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By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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