A user experience design boutique with a focus on conversion optimization and UX research.


Conflux is a user experience design boutique with a focus on conversion optimization and UX research.

At Conflux, we believe that UX is the new black in the tech industry. Within the next five years, UX will become one of the primary corporate needs for most of the businesses in any industry that needs to change through digital transformation. We are on a mission to bring UX design to our clients and accelerate the adoption of UX design methodologies.

The user experience market has been growing in recent years; in fact, it has been skyrocketing thanks to the megatrend of digital transformation. Digital has become the main point of reference for consumers who need to use the digital products/services managed by companies. In this context, having a good product is no longer enough if that product is not pleasant and easy to use. Therefore, companies need UX design to provide a better user experience through digital touchpoints.

Solution & Services

Conflux designs innovative, creative, and simple-to-use digital solutions that allow customers to achieve their business objectives.

UX Research: we help companies understand how to improve their digital services and products, by analyzing what users do, trying to understand why they do it and developing solutions that allow them to optimize online user experience (customer experience). We investigate all aspects of the multi-channel experience (across all devices): the customer’s journey, the architecture of information, the usability of the user interface, the conversion process.

UX Design: first, we collect all the information that emerged from the research activities, then we build the profiles of current and ideal users and, finally, we define a user experience strategy that can enhance all the digital touchpoints involved in the process. We take care of product design in every aspect: from UX strategy to Service Design; from the development of the information architecture to that of wireframes and prototypes.


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