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Entando closes investment round from Vertis and GELLIFY to Revolutionize UX development on Kubernetes

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - Entando

Milan Italy - October 16, 2019

Entando, a platform that enables companies to rapidly develop cloud-native applications on Kubernetes, has closed an initial round of financing with Vertis SGR (, an investment management company active in private equity and venture capital through the “Vertis Venture 2 Scaleup” fund, together with industry partner GELLIFY (, a B2B innovation platform that invests in B2B startups in the digital sector and connects them with established companies that have an open innovation perspective.

Entando was incorporated in 2015 by Walter Ambu and Paul Hinz in the United States. Entando enables and accelerates digital transformation in organizations by providing a modern development stack for rapidly building and maintaining cloud-native applications that integrate with legacy systems and data analysis services while providing a consistent and innovative user experience.

Entando allows enterprises to rapidly accelerate application innovation by simplifying the software design, development and release to production cycle by providing a tightly integrated platform on Kubernetes. With Entando, business leaders and their development teams are able to continuously and efficiently adapt to market changes and customer expectations by innovating on the user experience.

An additional value of Entando’s technological solution is the ability to unify the development of applications across cloud-native and traditional backend systems. In doing so, Entando reduces the complexity and cost of development and decreases time to market for enterprises struggling as they move applications to the cloud.

Entando has over 80 customers, including very large enterprise environments such as the Italian Ministry of Justice, the Italian Army, as well as other verticals including energy, transportation, pharmaceuticals, travel, and personal services.

“With Entando, we want to transform the way companies create enterprise-class applications, facilitating collaboration between business and IT and thus creating the best digital experience possible,” expresses Walter Ambu, Entando CEO and Founder. "We are therefore honored to have industry partners such as Vertis SGR and GELLIFY on our side.”

"Our investment in Entando is the result of strict research and deep understanding of industries and business models," says Mauro Odorico, Managing Partner of the Vertis Venture 2 Scaleup fund. "We believe that their platform, at a time when change is advancing at an exponential rate in every sector and geographical area, is the best possible answer for companies that want to keep up with Digital Transformation. Entando is a scaleup with an international vocation and has already got the the same features of a large company. A unique product, a team with a proved expertise and  enterprise customers."

"Entando's entry into the GELLIFY portfolio," says Fabio Nalucci, CEO and Founder of GELLIFY, "represents for us an important new investment in a scaleup that shares with us the mission to bring to the business world that freshness and simplicity of digital usage that today we find almost exclusively in the B2C user experience."


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