Entando Launches Version 6.3 Of Their Micro Frontend Platform For Kubernetes

We’re excited to announce the launch of Entando 6.3! Learn more here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Entando is proud to announce the launch of version 6.3 of their micro frontend platform for Kubernetes. Entando 6.3 boasts a number of new features including the ability to export entire Entando instances and import them into another Entando application. 

This latest version of the platform provides a streamlined developer experience with a faster getting started process, a powerful new CLI tool with significant improvements for developer productivity for developing applications on Kubernetes, and welcome wizard. The Kubernetes deployment architecture has also been upgraded for enterprises, increasing security and improving performance.

“Architecting modular applications has been a key focus for our teams,” said Giuseppe Zuco, Chief Product & Innovation Officer at Octo Telematics. “By developing with Entando we’ve been able to containerize micro frontends distributing the FE design across multiple teams, to containerize microservices and leverage OpenShift for lifecycle management across both the frontend and backend portions of our code. Advancements in Kubernetes support in Entando 6.3 is helping us gain a great deal of additional value from our infrastructure investments.”

The Entando Component Repository is also a key part of the platform that is helping large organizations standardize and reuse components across multiple projects.

“Code reuse to improve standardization and cost efficiency was an important reason we chose to work with Entando,” said C4 Italian Army Command.  “Entando 6.3 and the Entando Component Repository have allowed us to standardize and reuse components across different applications, saving us both time and money.”

You can get started on the platform today at dev.entando.org

Learn more about what’s new in Entando 6.3 here.


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