How we can help you?

Here’s a list of FAQs about Entando

Can I buy a subscription anytime, even for a project based on the community edition? 

Yes you can. You won’t have to pay for migration costs unless your installation has been strongly customized. It’s best to evaluate your project together with us and confirm the scenario you'd be working under.

What type of platform is Entando? 

Entando is an application composition platform for Kubernetes. The platform provides a modern development stack that can custom fit any organization’s needs. We have built the platform from the best of modern open source tools, extending and integrating their functionality. Entando is fully open source with available enterprise support.

What is Entando best suited for? 

Entando is best suited for highly customized enterprise applications that need to integrate with existing systems. The tools our platform provides help you standardize development and design processes across your organization for a consistent brand experience. The Entando Component Repository facilitates code reuse by enabling you to create an internal marketplace of components.

When should you choose a different tool? 

If you only need a basic website or a simple landing page, simpler frameworks are likely a better fit for you. Entando is better for data aggregation applications with many editors, process-driven applications that have to manage complex processes, content-rich enterprise applications that have a need for standardized user experiences, and cloud-native applications that have scaling needs.

Is Entando a WCMS?

Entando does possess a WCMS module. However, Entando is a much richer platform that also manages processes, security, users and roles, interface building, and even deployment on cloud environments using methodologies that align to the modern paradigm of software development.

Entando vs. Frontend Frameworks: Differences & Integrations

Entando is a platform that allows you to build and develop frontend capability in micro frontends using the Javascript language of your choice. The platform then provides compositing that allows your micro frontends to be assembled into a fully functional business application.