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Here’s a list of FAQs about Entando

Is Entando a WCMS?

Entando does possess a WCMS module. However, Entando is a much richer platform that also manages processes, security, users and roles, interface building, and even deployment on cloud environments using methodologies that align to the modern paradigm of software development.

Does becoming a partner require an upfront investment? 

Not at all. We don’t charge partner fees. Our partner program is as open as our platform! Choose the package that best fits your business and your needs.

How do I build an internal marketplace for my enterprise's Entando tools? Where do I run it? 

Entando UX/UI components are all built to be decoupled and deliverable as independent assets. Once an Entando component exists, anyone at your enterprise can import it into their own Entando application. The assets are stored in the Entando Component Repository and can be reused and added to any new implementation.

Is Entando cloud

Taking the cloud-native approach, we designed Entando specifically to run in the cloud in order to make use of the cloud’s advantages, such as cost optimization, high availability, and scalability.

Entando vs. Frontend Frameworks: Differences & Integrations

Entando is a platform that allows you to build and develop frontend capability in micro frontends using the Javascript language of your choice. The platform then provides compositing that allows your micro frontends to be assembled into a fully functional business application.

Can Entando work with legacy systems?

Yes. Entando can build new applications but it performs just as well as a UX/UI layer on top of other existing legacy systems, including in house or proprietary systems, from which data can be accessed and utilized in a more modern, more usable way.