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Here’s a list of FAQs about Entando

Entando vs. Frontend Frameworks: Differences & Integrations

Entando is a platform that allows you to build and develop frontend capability in micro frontends using the Javascript language of your choice. The platform then provides compositing that allows your micro frontends to be assembled into a fully functional business application.

Can Entando work with legacy systems?

Yes. Entando can build new applications but it performs just as well as a UX/UI layer on top of other existing legacy systems, including in house or proprietary systems, from which data can be accessed and utilized in a more modern, more usable way. 

Is Entando fully open source? 

Yes, Entando is fully open source. The software is available on GitHub under a LGPL V 3.0 licence . We also offer subscriptions for technical support. If you need support, then buying a subscription is necessary.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscription cost depends on what you want to cover and what kind of support you’ll need. Schedule a call with our business development team to get a quote

How do I get support for building an app with Entando? 

If you’re working without an internal IT team, you can engage one of our partners with questions about common development activities. For higher level tech challenges, architectural issues, or governance, Entando provides professional and consulting services. Get a quote to see how we can help you. 

Am I able to purchase Entando on behalf of a customer? 

Absolutely. However, if you’re a channel service provider or a system integrator, we have different partner programs available. Contact us so that we can help find the best solution for you.