The leading UX Innovation Platform 

Entando is the leading open source UX Innovation Platform for building Modern Web Applications on Kubernetes. We provide a modern development stack for building and maintaining cloud-native applications, allowing enterprises to rapidly innovate and develop exceptional user experiences.

Accelerate the Development Process

With Entando, business ideas become reality faster than ever

Entando introduces a new way of looking at application development where cross-functional teams can develop autonomously on top of a micro frontend and microservices architecture. With its Kubernetes-native infrastructure, Entando enables enterprises to rapidly build scalable enterprise applications with a nearly continuous release cycle.

Modern Apps Built on Kubernetes

We help enterprises bring highly customized, cloud-native, and UX-focused enterprise applications to production faster than their competitors.

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For Business

Get your ideas to market faster
Customers are willing to spend more for a great customer experience and walk away from a company after a bad experience. Entando gives enterprises the ability to continuously experiment to deliver a great experience for their users.


For Developers

Release faster with modern development tools
Developers are looking to continuously improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of software delivery. Entando accelerates the development of cloud-native, scalable, modern applications, leveraging the full potential of containers, DevOps, micro frontends and microservices.

How Customers Use Entando

Whether you’re looking to build web apps on Kubernetes, aggregate data from backend systems, automate business workflows, or unify the user experience, Entando helps you deliver modern experiences to your customers faster.

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Built For Your Success

Entando provides enterprises modern tools to compete on customer experience by enabling faster, continuous release cycles that allow you to respond quickly to market changes. We help you innovate more quickly, allowing you to focus on delivering user experiences that are both frictionless and memorable.


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