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NewVision Software is a global information technology consulting and services company. We are digital natives discovering ideas, constantly innovating, improvising to build a better future for our customers. We strengthen and transform businesses by providing focused software solutions. Headquartered in India with presence in the US and the Middle East, the company offers a range of innovative and high-quality consulting services across several sectors and practices to help our clients adapt to the digital world to improve their results.
As a Centre of Excellence-based organization, we follow frameworks that deliver technology leadership, inculcates best practices, accelerates research and continuous training.

Application fields and Technologies mastered

  • Product Engineering
    • We not only turn ideas into reality, but we also walk with customer on their journey and make it a scalable experience.​ It is a proof point for why we call ourselves Digital Natives.​ It is a mechanism through which we help unlock value for our clients and build agile, highly scalable, and cost-effective products with quicker time-to-market and improved product quality.
    • Manual processes can often be a limiting factor for optimized business operations and profitability. That’s where we come in, to design and optimize your processes to help you improve on customer and stakeholder
      relationship, enhance revenue streams, and pave the way for increased profits. So you get an unfair advantage in the market
  • Cloud
    • The full spectrum of cloud solutions to develop resilient applications with true flexibility & excellence. It is a proof point for why we call ourselves Digital Natives. It is a mechanism through which we help unlock scalability for our client’s businesses. The whole spectrum of cloud-based solutions in the following focused, industry specific solutions.
      • Application Development
      • Application Modernization
      • Platform Driven Modernization
      • NexGen Ready
  • DevOps
    • As Digital Natives we define & identify DevOps adoption process across the business & technology layers. We analyze, design, construct, automate,enhance, and implement DevOps, customized to your business. By Monitoring we respond quickly to any degradation in customer experience, minimizing broken production changes in earlier stages. We deliver AI-based DevOps technologies ​& implementation services for the best Go-Live readiness.
      • DevOps Advisory/Accelerator
      •  DevOps Implementation/Enhancement
      •  DevOps Monitoring / Support
  • Data Engineering & Analytics
    • Data Engineering is one of the fastest-growing professions of the century. There are ways of ensuring data and code quality across organizations. Even though each company may follow different processes and standards, there are some universal principles that can help us to enhance the development speed, improve code maintenance, and make work with data easier by following steps: Data Strategy, Data Architecture, Data Modelling, Data Management, Data Warehouse, and Data Lake.
    • Data Analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Data analysis has multiple facets and approaches, encompassing diverse techniques under a variety of names, and is used in different business, science, and social science domains, steps are as follows: BI Strategy and Roadmaps, Data Visualization and Reports, Data exploration and Discovery, Data-Driven Innovation, Total
      cost ownership optimization, Analytics Cloud.
  • Utilities
    • As Digital Natives we focus on designing solutions for CRM and billing solutions with true flexibility to deliver increased business value. ​
    • Utility services play a very crucial role in the economic & social development of a country with an inclination towards utilization of renewable resources such as wind, and solar with operating procedures within a certain urisdiction has helped in increasing energy production.​
    • With NewVision you will be able to transform to enhance capabilities, reduce losses & provide Enhanced services to the end customer​ business
  • Quality Assurance
    • With testing automation, we drive your products faster to market, with accurate results & 24/7 technical support. It is a proof point for why we call ourselves Digital Natives. Through this mechanism, we help unlock value for our clients and build agile, codeless, AI powered custom test automation frameworks, enabling clients to function with zero touch automation.

Industry Expertise

  • Insurance
    • The insurance industry is at the heart of digital disruption and convergence. Leading insurers are broadening and diversifying their products and services as they align to meet the changing needs of their clients. This includes investing in customer-facing, cloud-based digital innovations and creating unexpected new ecosystems that serves a broad suite of customer needs. Insurance carriers also reflect on their role in society, forging sustainability initiatives and championing diversity in their leadership and agents.
    • This is a critical turning point for the industry, an opportunity to provide meaningful value for customers, employees, and stakeholders. NewVision has the experience and broad digital expertise to help insurers cultivate agility, creating seamless digital services for customers and new income streams across the business.
  • Finance Sector
    • We focus on the future of financial services, effectively working with customers as they reevaluate their strategies in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are skilled to effectively advise our customers on key issues such as the impact of risk and regulation, cyber and financial crime, new financial service technologies, and FinTech. Our customers benefit by increasing operational efficiency, lowering costs, improve their customer experience to heighten the appeal of their products and services.
  • Energy
    • The future of oil and gas – safer, smarter, and cleaner.
    • Winning in the energy transition calls for a new and dynamic approach to capital allocation, based on analytics and driven by scenario we evaluate our customer portfolios encompassing all the variables the converging future
    • energy system introduces.
    •  We help our Energy, Utilities, and Resources clients to deal with disruptive business challenges, to transform their businesses, grow their revenues, and reduce costs.
    • We help them to develop new strategies, improve operating models, create more efficient organizations and ways of managing to deliver superior customer and investor value.
  • Healthcare
    • We help clients deliver more effective, efficient, and affordable healthcare with Insight Driven Health. Insight Driven Health is the foundation of our innovation-led approach. Our committed professionals operate at the intersection of business and technology to combine real-world experience, clinical and business insights, and new, enabling intelligent technologies to deliver the power of Insight Driven Health. We offer a wide range of end-to- end services that our customers become the intelligent healthcare enterprises of the future—from the back office to the doctor’s office.
  • Telecom
    • Providing assurance, consulting & tax guidance to telecom, cable, satellite & internet companies. You can count on our insight and experience to help you achieve your financial, operational & strategic goals.
    • We are dedicated to delivering effective solutions and expertise to the complex business challenges facing Telecommunications companies worldwide. We can help you with capex, customer excellence, partnerships, network life-cycle management, unexpected restrictions and regulations, investor confidence, compliance, and risk. The solutions and expertise we provide to address these challenges enables your business to break down barriers to growth, manage change, navigate complexity, and unlock value to thrive in a rapidly changing world.