A Modern Platform for Modern UX

By integrating leading edge open source projects and extending their capabilities, Entando allows developers and operations teams to create modern UX on Kubernetes.

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Here are the major elements of the Entando platform.

Entando App Engine

Assemble micro frontends & microservices and compose them into applications

Entando App Builder

The user interface to build and design applications

Entando Component Generator 
(built on JHipster)

Provide advanced data modeling capabilities and automatically generate the corresponding microservices and micro frontends

Entando Identity Management
(built on Keycloak)

Token-based authentication across multiple domains and connect service providers with identity providers

Entando Component Repository

A shared, internal repository to encourage code reuse across the enterprise, that can be used to support multiple Entando applications across an enterprise allowing standardization and code reuse. 

Entando WCMS

An embedded web content management system that allows the development of web components, templates, and the management of assets (images, files, etc.) that are used in the application.    

Entando Business Automation Bundle (optional components)

Build process driven applications using Red Hat Process Automation Manager or Kogito as a headless engine. Model, optimize, and automate business processes with prebuilt micro frontend components from Entando.

Deploy on any infrastructure.

Entando enables you to build Kubernetes-native apps that are deployed in containers to your datacenter, the public cloud, or hybrid cloud environment.

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