A Modern Platform for Modern UX

By integrating leading edge open source projects and extending their capabilities, Entando allows developers and operations teams to create modern UX on Kubernetes.

Micro frontends are the foundation of modern UX.

From a business perspective, micro frontends do for the frontend what microservices have done for the backend. With micro frontends, cross-functional teams are given end-to-end control in developing and releasing updates to application features and functions. With Entando, generate micro frontends using your favorite libraries, frameworks, and languages such as React or AngularJS, and then assemble those micro frontends onto a single page.


No vendor lockin.

Entando’s architecture is open and flexible, allowing you to deploy on any Kubernetes infrastructure. Entando works with any CI/CD system and supports all modern Javascript frameworks. It can also be connected with any backend system and supports multiple databases. With Entando, develop using the mainstream, modern technologies that developers love developing with.

Deploy on any infrastructure.

Entando enables you to build Kubernetes-native apps that are deployed in containers to your datacenter, the public cloud, or hybrid cloud environment.