Business Resilience Requires Fully Modular Applications

Entando is a platform of leading open source components to better leverage your chosen Kubernetes platform by allowing rapid composition of apps from modular components, packaged business capabilities, or solutions.

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A Platform for Modern Apps

Entando is a modern development and runtime platform for your chosen Kubernetes provider. Developed in open source, Entando provides tools to build, reuse, and assemble applications, as well as the environment to run them on Kubernetes.

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Here are the major elements of the Entando Platform

Entando App Engine

Provides data access layer and assembles pages composed of micro frontends and microservices and other components

Entando Hub

Supports enterprise wide discovery, sharing, and collaboration of common components in a central marketplace

Entando Component Generator (built on JHipster)

Quickly generates microservices and micro frontends to reduce dev costs, accelerating time to production for modular components

Entando App Builder

Used in conjunction with a library of components in a Hub, provides a low-code platform to discover, assemble, configure components into a singular application

Entando Identity Management (built on Keycloak)

Single sign-on and social login platform used for role based access control to application and components

Entando WCMS

Embedded WCMS for content versioning, scheduling, workflow approvals, with included support for web forms, SEO, i18n, templating, preview, etc.

Entando CLI

1-line commands to increase dev productivity for maintenance and to run diagnostics

Entando Business Automation

Packaged Business Capability for workflow automation, case and task management

Entando Operator

Automated install and configuration management for Kubernetes


CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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