SelfCommunity and Entando collaborate to build new Composable Business Capabilities.

Social interaction is an integral part of all digital communication. Working together, Entando and Quentral are making social networking faster, easier and better by building composable business capabilities and making them  available to everyone in Entando’s Cloud Hub (ECH).

Entando - Thursday, September 29, 2022
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As part of Entando’s ISV (Independent Software Vendor) program Quentral will populate Entando’s Cloud Hub with Business capabilities and tools  to accelerate application development and composition, all available to the general public.

SelfCommunity, the SaaS platform for creating and managing native social networks, recognizes that all organizations  need easy access to common features, with the most advanced Business Capabilities, to improve the management of their online communities.To support this goal, SelfCommunity is focusing on user content and engagement applications,  with an advanced engine for social intelligence and marketing automation, available to everyone in the Entando Cloud Hub.

"According to Gartner, this is known as an Application Composition Platform, which is part of a composable paradigm that will give many companies a competitive  advantage  as soon as the next two years.  For this reason we have enthusiastically joined Entando’s ISV program, which we immediately recognized a strategic priority for the future of our company. Today we have the opportunity to join an "open source company" like Entando and respond to the opportunities that digital transformation is offering to Companies and Public Administrations.", Mariano Pireddu - CEO Quentral

This collaboration is a first step in growth path of Entando’s ISV Program. The ISV program allows you to combine an open-source platform with a program open to all companies that want to enhance their application capabilities with a composable strategy that, in the coming years, will determine the success of many companies. "The partnership with Quentral validates  Entando’s model and marks the beginning of an important collaboration."  said Emanuele Cerroni, Entando Channel Manager.

SelfCommunity is a Saas (Software as a Service) platform that allows the creation, management and maintenance of proprietary social networks. It allows Brands and Organizations to create and manage their own communities powered by social networking technology.

Entando enables and supports organizations in the development of cloud-native and modular applications on Kubernetes, allowing them to organize their projects according to specific business functionalities, called Packaged Business Capabilities, which can be developed, implemented and updated separately and reused on different solutions. The resulting application architecture allows to accelerate the release time, reduce development costs, but above all maintenance and evolution.

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