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Entando is an application composition platform (with a Low Code App Builder and Components Hub) that enables teams to build a variety of modern, cloud native applications on Kubernetes - several key use cases are listed below.

Ways to Innovate with Entando

BPM/Process Automation Modernization

Many BPM applications need to move to cloud-native, Kubernetes deployments but are unable to move due to risks, cost, or complexity. Entando provides an EXPERIENCE OVERLAY technology, allowing developers to modernize the user experience while tying into existing API’s and BPM platforms. This provides fast, low cost, low risk improvements to UX and frontend/backend separation (STRANGLER FIG PATTERN) simplifying the update of the backend over time.

Process Automation Modernization.svg

Portals/Micro Portals

Applications that provide specific ROLE OR ATTRIBUTE BASED content are often called Portals. Micro Portals are a portal subclassification that are specifically targeting a subset of users (e.g., partners), or a limited time of operation (a specific project team), or a very focused set of features (employee onboarding). Entando allows enterprises to rapidly compose these applications with reusable components assembled using a low code APP BUILDER that accesses a library of components in a central ENTANDO HUB.

Micro Portals.png

Dashboards / Process Control

IoT and BPM applications often provide an application interface that interfaces to multiple processes and devices. Entando provides enterprises a PLATFORM TO UNIFY these disparate systems into a single dashboard and control system. Entando simplifies the development, expansion, and maintenance of the multiple features that are available in these applications. The MODULAR aspect of developing with Entando allows many enterprises to accelerate MVP’s and to add additional features over time, far more easily vs traditional development.

Process Control.svg

Customer Experience Hubs

Enterprises need to be able to react quickly to market needs or competitive threats and an APPLICATION COMPOSITION PLATFORM enables companies to be more resilient to change. Applications are built from components or Packaged Business Capabilities that can be reused / standardized across multiple applications. Entando allows enterprises to rapidly build, customize, or reuse these components and PBCs to compose applications in a modular, modern context on Kubernetes.

Customer Experience Hubs.png

Application Governance / Quality Control for Kubernetes

A benefit of composing applications from components is the ability to better enforce quality and application governance. Many customers implement a centralized ENTANDO HUB of component and packaged business components and enforce governance on all code delivered into that Hub and the associated Kubernetes pipelines.

Quality Control for Kubernetes.png

Whether you’re looking to standardize your development process, automate workflows, or create functional and beautiful online experiences, Entando can help.


"Entando is a valuable complement to Red Hat’s business automation solutions, enabling developers to build engaging user experiences and accelerate time to market for modern cloud-native applications."

Prakash Aradhya

Prakash Aradhya

Product Management Director Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager, Red Hat, Inc.

"The Entando Hub and the ability to build applications in composable modules have improved our ability to control governance across multiple applications and app development teams. We are also extremely grateful to the Entando team for its extremely effective support."


Claudio di Giovanni

Technical Director, Solving Team

Component Types

Entando allows teams to build or reuse components and packaged business capabilities (sets of components). Some common component types are:

MFEs & Widget.svg

MFEs & Widgets



Page Template.svg

Page Templates

Labels and Languages(i18n).svg

Labels and Languages (i18n)



Groups and Roles.svg

Group and Roles

Content Templates.svg

Content Templates




UX Fragments

Static Resources.svg

Static Resources

Content Type.svg

Content Types




CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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