The European Funds, An opportunity not to be missed to accelerate the modernization of Public Administration

Entando is ready for the future with their recipe for implementing a Public Administration.

Entando - Friday, April 15, 2022
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Public authorities and institutions need a quick and adequate answer to the expectations of users who, due to the pandemic or the increased need for online capabilities, users would rather search online for services they would have previously requested in person.

Public Administrations services are still too heterogeneous and fragmented. Public Administrations need to be transformed quickly, by modernizing portals and rethinking the entire organizational structure. They must be more agile and faster in the development and distribution of new digital services. The goal should be the continuance of improving internal operational efficiency and adapting to competitive models external to the public sector. The Public Administration must be able to better implement the constitutional principle of efficiency and impartiality of administration.

The European funds, with their # 1 Mission of “digitization, innovation and security for the Public Administration”, aims to give greater importance to this modernization, directing investments to the migration of datasets and applications towards a secure cloud infrastructure, allowing each administration to freely choose within a set of certified public cloud environments.

To implement, speed up and simplify the digitization process undertaken by the Public Administration, Entando, the main application composition platform (ACP) for Kubernetes, proposes a completely new approach, in line with what Gartner defines as one of the top technological trends of the next few years, the Intelligent Composable Business.

Entando's innovative model is called Composable Public Administration (Composable PA). It is based on the creation of an architecture composed of standardized, interchangeable and reusable modular elements. The model provides structure around specific business functions defined as Packaged Business Capabilities (PBC), made available through a component marketplace within an organization, through which components can be shared and reused across multiple applications.

Entando therefore provides the tools to design a modular application by creating components, in terms of microfrontends, microservices, user interface elements and templates. Metadata can be assembled and packaged, with different levels of granularity, to create PBCs, simplifying, automating and accelerating the adoption of the composable model within the Public Administration.

Thanks to the cloud-native approach and starting from the needs of public authorities to offer new online services and the sharing internal services with the public, the ability to reuse, customize and readjust individual components from administration to administration further optimize the previous investments made.

The Composable PA supports the requirements pursuant to the “Guidelines on the acquisition and reuse of software for Public Administrations” provided for by the Digital Administration Code, defined by the Italian Agency for Digitization (AGID).

“The Entando application composition platform, which makes modularization its strong point, stands out precisely for this business model that we believe can be fundamental in the context of European funds to modernize Public Administration’s applications and exploit all the potential that cloud infrastructures are able to deliver, ” said Walter Ambu, President and Founder of Entando. “Entando allows the ability to create resilient, flexible and agile cloud-native composable applications, enabling the Public Administration to respond quickly to current needs and accelerate its innovation process.”

To find out more about how Entando can support the digitalization of the Public Administration, please consult this link.

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