Cloudmind is an innovative start-up offering solutions to the digital transformation of companies as well as local and central Public Administration with a cloud-first approach.

Cloudmind has been operating nationwide with a team highly specialised in designing multi and hybrid AI-based cloud solutions, empowered by a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The main professional roles inside the technical and pre-sales team are: Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Devops and Collaboration Engineer, Data and Machine Learning Engineer, Network and Security Engineer.

Cloudmind has accomplished important achievements in developing microservice applications and intelligent conversation platforms improving customer experience; furthermore in the design and implementation of networking and cybersecurity infrastructures in public or hybrid cloud modality; moreover in the field of big data analytics with increased specialisation in the field of Telco.

Together with Google Cloud, Cloudmind have selected internationally relevant technological partners, each of them characterised by their inclination for innovation and at the same time connected through strategic and global collaborations with the main hyperscalers, among these: Fortinet, Audiocodes, Entando, Armis, Bitdefender, Cloudvision, Lacework, Forcepoint.

Cloudmind is part of the Maticmind Group, one of the main national players in the field of system integration, with over 1,200 employees, more than 1,000 active clients and a total turnover of approximately 450 million euro.


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