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Entando Announces Partnership With Conflux To Provide UX Design Services for Enterprises Modernizing to the Cloud

lunes, 19 de octubre de 2020 - Entando

Entando is proud to announce a partnership with Conflux, a user experience design boutique with specialized expertise in application modernization, micro frontend design, conversion optimization and UX research. 

Through this partnership, Entando will offer new UX design service packages enabling enterprises to build and maintain design systems that connect with their customers. These packages include design for new applications, redesign for existing applications, and UX standardization across an enterprise. 

UX design packages will provide services such as benchmark analysis, user interviews, UX analytics and advisory services, as well as design implementation and assessment. 

“From a technology perspective, the Entando platform removes barriers to fast UX innovation. By partnering with Conflux to provide world-class UX design services, we’re pairing the best tools with the best expertise to help organizations create more modern user experiences and to innovate their UX faster.” (Paul Hinz, CEO of Entando)

Entando and Conflux share the vision that modern UX is a key aspect of digital transformation in every industry. By combining the leading micro frontend platform for Kubernetes with leading UX methodologies, they are seeking to rise to this need. 

“At Conflux, we believe that UX design supported by analysis and high quality design is the foundation for successful digital transformation projects. We're excited to partner with Entando to support the unique design requirements for customers building modern applications using containerized microservices and micro frontends.” (Luigi Greco, Founder & CEO of Conflux)

About Entando

Entando is the leading micro frontend platform for building enterprise web apps on Kubernetes. We want to change the way enterprises think about building their apps, sites, and portals in order to innovate more quickly.

With Entando, you can leverage customized blueprints using the Entando Component Generator (built on JHipster) to quickly create micro frontends and assemble them into an application. Reuse UI/UX components across multiple projects via the Entando Component Repository, saving money and increasing development speed. Scale quickly and effectively with Entando’s custom Kubernetes operator, automating the deployment of scalable, self-healing applications.

Entando is open source with available enterprise support and services. Begin developing on the platform today, and get a quote to see how our team can help your enterprise build better apps, sites, and portals--faster.

About Conflux

Conflux is a user experience design boutique with a focus on conversion optimization and UX research. 

Within the next five years, UX will become one of the primary corporate needs for most of the businesses in any industry that needs to change through digital transformation. We are on a mission to bring UX design to our clients and accelerate the adoption of UX design methodologies. 

Conflux designs innovative, creative, and simple-to-use digital solutions that allow customers to achieve their business objectives. With UX Research, we help companies understand how to improve their digital services and products. With UX Design, we build profiles of current and ideal users in order to define a user experience strategy that can enhance all digital touchpoints with customers.

You can learn more about Conflux here.

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