One of the most reliable partners for national projects


One of the most reliable partners for national projects.

Established in 1925, Sielte is a company with registered office in Catania and general management in Rome. It boasts 20 operating centers in Italy, with a total turnover exceeding 500 million euros and with 3,000 employees. From the beginning of 2016, when Turrisi brothers started running the company, Sielte has embarked on a path aimed at repositioning the company in the near future, seizing the opportunities that the markets are offering. The process of change and diversification of activities has broadened the target of customers, represented not only by all the major telecommunications operators, but also by the main companies operating in the field of large infrastructures (railways, highways, airports, etc.). and PA entities. In recent years the group has invested in developing its digital skills, fully exploiting the potential offered by the ICT sector. The company is already directly involved in the digitalization process of the country, as a provider accredited by AgID for the release of the SPID service. Building the digital citizenship of the future, consolidating the relationship with the Public Administration and accelerating on Smart City projects and IoT investments is in line with the company's current goals.

Application fields and Technologies mastered

Sielte's "ICT and Digital Services" business unit deals with creating and managing infrastructures and providing innovative services for the Cloud Computing market in Italy and abroad, creating and supplying Software for Smart Cities & IoT, enabling platforms for development of its catalog of applications as a Service, Information Traffic Management Management Platforms, Outsourcing services for information systems and complex infrastructures. A strong vocation for innovation pushes to continuously invest in Research & Development leading to the realization of a series of projects that has contributed to expand and consolidate Sielte's offer.

Industry Expertise

The continuous increase of connected devices "Internet of Things" and the diffusion of new generation 5G networks continues to require ICT infrastructures increasingly capable of facilitating the birth of new business models based on the development of intelligent machines with the aim of simplifying the processes through artificial intelligence techniques and operate in extreme security in the field of cyber security. For several years the group has been investing in the development of its digital skills, fully exploiting the potential offered by the ICT sector.

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