“What’s Next?”

Entando began in Sardinia, a Mediterranean island with beautiful landscapes, a rich history, and hardworking people. It was here that our founders began an open source community focused on simplifying how enterprise apps are composed.

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One sunny day, Entando’s founders took a hike to see the wild horses of Giara di Gesturi in Sardinia. And as they hiked, they discussed the trends in enterprise software such as linux containers, Kubernetes, and the need to simplify how modular frontend architectures are built. It was during that hike that they determined to build what’s next. Entando can be translated from the Sardinian root to mean what’s next. Entando is now a worldwide team focused on reducing the complexity and runtime costs for enterprise applications. 


Paul Hinz



Walter Ambu

President, Chief Strategist and Founder

Founded in 2015, Entando was listed in Gartner's Cool Vendors in Web Computing, 2015 and won the Digital 360 Prize for Cloud Computing in 2018.  

What’s more is that you can’t beat the view from our headquarters in Sardinia. 

Life at Entando across the world

Career Opportunities

We’re always looking for talented people that can help us create and deliver the best development tools for enterprises. 

If you are a passionate worker who’s always willing to learn new things, grow in your role, and be part of enabling fast innovation on Kubernetes, we’d love to meet you!