Entando - martedì 7 settembre 2021 - Product
Why The Future Of Application Development Is Composable

Here’s a look at what it means to develop composable business applications and how it’s going to help your organization build better apps faster.

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Anthony Viard - martedì 8 giugno 2021 - Engineering
Sharing Components in a Marketplace for Developers with Entando Bundles

This is the first in a series of blog posts where we will cover all of the features in Entando bundles with short use cases and tutorials.

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Germano Giudici - martedì 4 maggio 2021 - Micro Frontend
In Browser Micro Frontend Aggregation

In a micro frontend application, many frontend modules, specialized in single vertical business functionality, collaborate to create a whole frontend application. In this post, we explore a how-to of browser aggregation, the standard currently used in the Entando Platform. 

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Anthony Viard - martedì 20 aprile 2021 - Engineering
JHipster: What's Under the Hood?

JHipster 7 has been released! This is a BIG major version update. Here are our favorite features.

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Anthony Viard - giovedì 4 novembre 2021 - Microservices Engineering
How to Use Liquibase to Update the Schema of Your JHipster Application
Liquibase is an open-source solution that helps you track, version, and deploy database changes. It adds version control for changes to your database schema, makes database upgrades repeatable across environments, and supports rollbacks so you can undo changes when it’s needed. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Liquibase architecture, and how we can incrementally upgrade the database schema for our own JHipster and Entando applications. ...Leggi il post
Entando - mercoledì 6 ottobre 2021 - Kubernetes Micro Frontend Microservices
Perché i manager dovrebbero prendere in considerazione Kubernetes per le loro aziende

Kubernetes ti consente di scalare il tuo business e offrire esperienze digitali di alta qualità. Qui ti spieghiamo come.

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Edward Shin - lunedì 4 ottobre 2021 - Engineering Micro Frontend Microservices
Exporting Components
This blog series introduces you to Entando’s Command Line Interface (ENT) which simplifies building and deploying applications for Kubernetes. ...Leggi il post
Edward Shin - martedì 14 settembre 2021 - Engineering Microservices Micro Frontend
Micro Learning (ENT CLI): Utilities & Diagnostics
This micro learning series will help you get familiar with Entando CLI (ENT) which simplifies building and deploying applications for Kubernetes. ...Leggi il post
Entando - martedì 17 dicembre 2019 - Micro Frontend Microservices Process Management
4 Tecnologie che rimuovono le barriere all'innovazione delle App

L'innovazione è qualcosa di più che avere semplicemente grandi idee. Si tratta anche di essere in grado di implementarle. Ecco 4 tecnologie che rimuovono le barriere all'innovazione delle app.

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Entando - martedì 12 novembre 2019 - Micro Frontend Microservices
5 suggerimenti per passare da un monolite a microservizi e micro frontend

Stai cercando di abbandonare l'architettura monolitica delle tue applicazioni legacy? Ecco 5 suggerimenti per aiutarti nella transizione.

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Scopri come possiamo aiutarti a costruire applicazioni migliori più velocemente!