Entando & JHipster: How It Works

Entando recently became a JHipster Gold Sponsor. Here’s a closer look at how JHipster’s open source technology serves as an important part of the Entando Platform.

Joe White - martedì 11 agosto 2020
Tags: Engineering

Entando’s sponsorship of JHipster reaffirms our commitment to open source and to incorporating the best open source technologies in the Entando platform. JHipster has been included in Entando since the 6.0 release, helping customers generate microservices and micro frontends. The ability to customize JHipster via a Blueprint has given us the flexibility to automate key elements of the Entando platform and to enhance the developer experience.

With our sponsorship we’re looking forward to getting more deeply involved in the JHipster community and to contribute to JHipster 7 and beyond. 

Technical Notes

JHipster and the blueprint pattern give Entando developers the ability to quickly create a standardized Spring Boot microservice which can be installed into an Entando cluster on Kubernetes.  

With Entando 6, the Entando architecture is focused on providing modularity and the ability for developers to use tools they already know on a modern stack. The Entando Component Generator leverages JHipster to provide the following capabilities:


Everything you generate can be run in a development environment or deployed to Kubernetes.


Standard patterns in microservices allow developers to quickly enhance their Entando components.


Entando developers and customers can encode business rules into their own blueprints and inherit from both Entando and JHipster.


Build native for Linux containers.

Learn More

For an introduction to the Entando architecture including JHipster generated components, check out the new architecture overview and tutorial in the Entando 6.2 documentation at:


Looking forward from a technical perspective, Entando will be adding new features for micro frontend composition, new capabilities in the Entando Component Repository, and new types of container based microservices. JHipster will be a big part of those new capabilities. 

In particular, we’re looking forward to participating in efforts around micro frontends generation, Quarkus, Kojito, Webpack 5 and other next generation technologies that will expand the reach of both the Entando and JHipster communities. If you’re a developer and you want to work on micro frontends or other new technologies like Kojito or Quarkus in JHipster reach out to us on https://forum.entando.org/. 

If you’re a developer and want to learn more about how Entando uses JHipster to automate the generation of microservices and micro frontends, check out the guides at https://dev.entando.org/jhipster.

If you’re a business user, set up a time to get a quote and learn how Entando’s micro frontend platform and the Entando Component Generator, powered by JHipster, can help your enterprise standardize your microservice architecture and accelerate your digital transformation.


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