What’s In Entando?

Entando is the leading micro frontend platform for Kubernetes. Here’s a closer look at the components it includes.

Entando - lunedì 31 agosto 2020
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Entando is a micro frontend platform for Kubernetes that helps enterprises innovate faster with parallel development teams that have end-to-end autonomy across the entire stack.

With native support for Javascript app development, a micro frontend and microservices architecture, deployment of apps in containers that can be individually scaled up and down, and automated management of containers with Kubernetes, we simplify the move for enterprises looking to modernize across on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

Here’s a closer look at the components included in the platform. 


Entando App Engine

The Entando App Engine is the heart of the Entando Platform, providing the primary out-of-the-box services for developing applications, enabling you to assemble micro frontends and microservices and compose them into applications. 

The key capabilities of the Entando App Engine include:

  • Expose the APIs the Entando App Builder uses to provide the page and content management interface for your application.
  • Handle the work of assembling micro frontends and microservices and combine them on specific pages as defined by the Entando App Builder.
  • Provide the data access layer to persist the page and application design.
  • Manage the cluster infrastructure.

Entando App Builder

The Entando App Builder is the feature-rich management interface used to design and build pages for Entando applications.

Entando Component Generator (built on JHipster)

The Entando Component Generator is Entando's implementation of JHipster that allows users to quickly and efficiently generate the skeleton of an Entando Component. The Entando Component Generator provides advanced data modeling capabilities including object relational mapping and automatic generation of micro frontends and microservices. The generated skeleton serves as a starting point to help a development team swiftly meet the needs of the business.

You can learn more about how Entando and JHipster work together here.

Entando Component Repository

The Entando Component Repository is a shared, internal repository of components that you can reuse across your enterprise, increasing the speed of development for successive projects while also increasing standardization. 

Entando Identity Management (built on Keycloak)

Built on Keycloak, Entando Identity Management allows for token-based authentication across multiple domains and connects service providers with identity providers. It provides the ability to add Single Sign On capabilities across multiple domains and to connect service providers with identity providers.

Entando WCMS

The Entando WCMS enables the non-technical members of your team to update content on your web app, and it supports headless CMS.

Entando Business Automation Bundle (optional components)

Build process driven applications using Red Hat Process Automation Manager or Kogito as a headless engine. Model, optimize, and automate business processes with prebuilt micro frontend components from Entando.

Build better apps faster with Entando.

When release cycles take months instead of weeks, your business is left unable to deliver modern online experiences. Development bottlenecks slow your ability to make application updates, keeping you from iterating and innovating. And outdated or clunky UX keeps you from winning customers over and retaining them.

So that’s why we created a platform to help you get your ideas to market faster.

Entando is the leading micro frontend platform for building enterprise web apps on Kubernetes. We want to change the way enterprises think about building their apps, sites, and portals in order to innovate more quickly.

With Entando, you can leverage customized blueprints to quickly create micro frontends and assemble them onto a single page. Then reuse UI/UX components across multiple projects via the Entando Component Repository, saving money and increasing development speed. Scale quickly and effectively with Entando’s custom Kubernetes operator, automating the deployment of scalable, self-healing applications.

Entando is open source with available enterprise support and services. Begin developing on the platform today, and get a quote to see how our Professional Services team can help your enterprise build better apps, sites, and portals--faster.


Learn How To Create Better Apps, Portals, & Websites--Faster.

This white paper outlines how your organization can accelerate UX innovation by developing with micro frontends on Kubernetes, as well as how a micro frontend platform can help you execute this methodology more effectively.