The frontend monolith is slowing innovation.

The frontend monolith is slowing innovation.

Microservices have increased agility in backend development. But for many, the frontend monolith remains. 

Micro frontends enable your teams to innovate at the pace of their ideas.


You can’t wait months for an update. You need a way to innovate faster.


Kubernetes helps you automate deployment.

To drive better customer experience, your apps need to be resilient, and self-healing. And regardless of what your Kubernetes environment looks like, a custom orchestrator can help you manage containers at scale. 


Entando: Micro Frontend Platform for Kubernetes

Entando takes best practices and leading edge tools and integrates them onto one open source platform, empowering you to rapidly create innovative user experiences deployed on Kubernetes.

What is a Micro Frontend Platform?

A platform to standardize and accelerate UX innovation

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Build Your First App

Use the Entando Component Generator (built on JHipster) to create micro frontends and microservices and assemble them into a Kubernetes-native application.

Create a Shared internal Repository

Create a Code Repository

Implement the Entando Component Repository to share common components, widgets, and templates across your organization.  

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Standardize and Accelerate

Create your enterprise Design System to standardize usability and code sharing, increasing dev speed with each successive project.

Find out how we can help you build better apps faster!