Entando 7.2: The ultimate feature release

Entando 7.2: The ultimate feature release is here! Discover how Entando 7.2, introduces game-changing capabilities, including multitenancy support, and private catalogs in Entando Hub. With enhanced performance, security, and dependency improvements, Entando 7.2 is the most advanced version yet. Don't miss the opportunity to take your enterprise to new heights. Upgrade to Entando 7.2 today and unlock the full potential of modern application development.

Please read our blog to explore the exciting features and benefits of Entando 7.2.

Sohini Pattanayak - lundi 29 mai 2023

Entando has just released its latest version, Entando 7.2. This new release builds on the platform's strengths and provides even more powerful tools for enterprises who need to create scalable, modular, and flexible web applications.

This latest version of Entando introduces several new features that enhance the platform's capabilities for modernizing and building web applications.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the key features and benefits of Entando 7.2.

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What's New in Entando 7.2?

This release will provide users with several new capabilities to enhance their experience.

Hub 3.1 - Private Catalogs and More

Entando 7.2 presents an upgraded Hub 3.1, with the option to create private catalogs. Each installation of the enterprise Entando Hub can have many catalogs, some public and some private, all managed from the Hub UI. A new feature in the Hub UI generates API keys, which is required for connecting a private catalog to an Entando App Builder, making it easier to access shared components.


A significant new feature on Entando 7.2 is multitenancy. With it, a single Entando instance can support multiple tenants, each with its own subdomain or domain. This allows for full isolation of data and content associated with each tenant. Additionally, each tenant has its own identity domain, managed via distinct realms of the same or different Keycloak instances. Redis is used for cache management, Apache Solr for enterprise search, and Entando's Content Delivery Server (CDS) for static asset and content delivery. And with Liquibase implementation to configure and update databases, managing multiple tenants has never been easier. 

Entando Blueprint Upgrade to JHipster 7.9.3 and Keycloak 18+ Support

The Entando Blueprint has been upgraded to JHipster 7.9.3, including updates to the Entando bill of materials (BOM) and support for Keycloak 18+. 

Performance, Security, and Dependency Improvements

In addition to multitenancy and other major upgrades, Entando 7.2 includes numerous performance, security, and dependency improvements. 

Entando 7.2 is a major feature release that brings a wealth of new options and improvements to the platform. With support for multitenancy, private catalogs with the Entando Hub, and upgrades to the Entando Blueprint, your enterprise can take advantage of the latest and significant web development technologies. 

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Entando 7.2 today and take your enterprise's web development to the next level!

Take a look at the complete release notes, and we’ll be back with new blog posts soon!



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