Together, Webgenesys and Entando to support composable enterprises.

Adapting quickly to changes required by the market is the only way to remain competitive.

Entando - vendredi 17 février 2023
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The direction is clear: the present and future of enterprise is composable, a business organization model capable of adapting to an uncertain market environment and subject to changes in economic conditions. In this context, companies have to redefine their organizational models and technology architecture more often than not.

Gartner’s recent analysis estimating the growth of the composable technology market, stated that as early as 2024 70% of medium and large organizations will include composability in their application development plans and that the Application Composition Platform, like Entando, are the key components of this model.

Webgenesys and Entando have decided to collaborate in support of companies that share a pragmatic vision of innovation, in which the composable paradigm is central to the advancement of companies and their digital transformation path.

"We are excited about the collaboration with Entando that will allow us to support our customers in their digital transformation process through a highly innovative and effective approach based on the Composable Business paradigm," comments Raffaele Fazio, Responsabile Area Sviluppo Software di Webgenesys.

"We are pleased with the collaboration and partnership with Webgenesys, a System Integrator, to collaborate on innovative projects to support leading companies and administrations." says Emanuele Cerroni, Entando Channel Manager.

Webgenesys designs and manages innovative technological solutions for private companies and public administrations, collaborating with a group of companies specializing in the fields of ICT, digital innovation and cloud transformation.

Entando enables and supports organizations developing cloud-native and modular applications on Kubernetes, allowing them to structure their projects around specific business functions, or PBCs, which can be developed, implemented and updated independently and reused in different solutions. The resulting application architecture accelerates release times and reduces development and cloud costs while streamlining maintenance procedures.

The two companies together intend to assist customers on their journey with Kubernetes, thanks to the adoption of an API-first architecture capable of modernizing their applications, with all the advantages of a fully composable and modular system based on microservices. With this in mind, the composable model enterprise makes it possible to design "tailor-made" solutions that focus on customer needs, reduce time to market and accelerate the digital transformation process accordingly.


CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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