Digitouch Technologies and Entando come together to support fast and continuous technological innovation.

Entando - Wednesday, August 30, 2023
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The technological landscape is constantly evolving, with new developments emerging as a result of ongoing market changes.

Therefore companies must face the great challenge of protecting, analyzing and enhancing a rapidly expanding amount of data, in order to ensure the satisfaction of their customers and to turn it into strategic levers for business growth.

In this scenario digitalization is a necessary step for companies that want to remain competitive.

The partnership between Digitouch Technologies and Entando is strengthened by a new partner program, which aims to keep providing answers to these needs, combining Entando's experience in developing composable and cloud-native web applications with Digitouch Technologies' expertise.

Those companies that will adopt these software solutions will be able to improve operational efficiency and provide an optimal experience for their customers.

The collaboration with Digitouch Technologies has made it possible for multiple projects to integrate Entando's solutions with the companies' existing legacy systems and applications, enabling them to maximize the technology investments they had already made and to customize solutions to meet their specific needs. In addition, both companies offer the needed support to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing assistance in implementing and using these integrated solutions.

"In an increasingly complex and competitive market, collaboration with a partner such as Entando is essential to provide customers with the maximum efficiency and reliability possible in the development specifically designed and scalable solutions, with the aim of speeding up processes and reducing risks," says Giuseppe Sacco, Vice President Digitouch Technologies.

“Digitouch is a partner that has demonstrated competence in Entando and successful experiences in complex contexts such as the Enterprise. Together, we evolve to meet the challenges of the technological landscape, offering innovative solutions that enable companies to thrive in the digital world," says Emanuele Cerroni, Global Channel and Alliance.

Digitouch is an Italian company that helps companies to create business value through Marketing, Technology and E-commerce services. Founded in 2007 as an agency specializing in Digital Advertising, over the years it has expanded its services in both marketing and technology. In 2015 the company was listed on the Italian market Euronext Growth Milan (formerly AIM) dedicated to dynamic and competitive SMEs. In 2022, an integrated operating model (MTE) was launched that brings together the skills of the three Business Units, Marketing, Technologies and E-commerce, with the Market Area. Digitouch Technologies is Digitouch's Business Unit dedicated to technology and digital development through Data & Analytics, Digital Platform and Cloud Managed Services by acting as a Tech Business Enabler.

Entando enables and supports organizations in developing cloud-native and composable applications on Kubernetes, allowing them to organize their projects based on specific business functionalities called packaged business capabilities. These capabilities can be developed, implemented, and updated separately and reused across different solutions. The resulting application architecture accelerates release times, reduces development costs, simplifies maintenance, and optimizes the applications evolution.


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By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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