Entando EOSL Policy

Entando EOSL Policy

Entando subscriptions provide enterprise-grade support within two distinct phases defined as the premium and the extended support phases. The initial phase of support is for 3 years after the release of a specific major version, after which, customers are able to purchase extended support for up to 3 additional years.

Premium Support Phase

During the Premium Support Phase a specific version of Entando is supported for (3) years after its First Ship Date. During the Premium Support Phase, customers will be provided:

  • Access to Software Update Repository: Customers have access to the Entando software repository for bug fixes, security patches, service packs and version updates.
  • Security Assurance: Entando provides security alerts and security patches, ensuring customers have the most recent security capabilities.
  • Production Support: Customers are also provided access to phone, web and email support for production and development environments for bug fix requests and configuration questions .  
  • Developer Support: Entando will also provide support to developers for complex questions not related to bug-fix issues.

Extended Support Phase

Four years after a product version is released, Entando support enters an End Of Service Life period during which customers can purchase Extended Support for up to three (3) additional years. During this phase, customers will be provided: 

  • Access to Software Update Repository: Entando provides access to a customer bug fix repository of bug fixes, security patches, updates and service packs.
  • Security Assurance: security alerts and security updates.
  • Limited Production Support: Entando Support will direct customers to existing fix packs, workarounds, and consolidated service packs available in the customer knowledge base or will direct customers to upgrade to a more current version/release of the product.