Entando 6 Has Arrived! Here’s What’s New.

Find out about all the updates on Entando 6.0, our latest version of the platform.

Entando - Tuesday, November 5, 2019
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SAN DIEGO - November 5, 2019

Entando 6 has arrived!

The goal of Entando 6 is to bring leading edge tools and architectures to help developers build web applications that are truly modern. Below are some details about the changes and updates included on the newest version of the platform. 

Innovate faster with autonomous teams using micro frontends.

Micro frontends serve as a foundation for developing the user experience on Entando 6, allowing autonomous, cross-functional teams the freedom to deliver their projects using the methods and strategies that work best for them.

A micro frontend approach enables a more iterative approach to updates, allowing for continual experimentation and empowering teams to quickly  and independently respond to business and market needs.

Standardize and accelerate application development with automatically generated microservices.

Entando 6 helps enterprises standardize and accelerate application development using the Entando Blueprint, a scaffolding tool that automatically generates a complete web application or microservice that can easily be customized to meet the needs of your business. This blueprint reduces costs, standardizes architecture, and is custom fit to any organization.

Scale resources and applications in real time with a Kubernetes-native infrastructure.

Entando 6 is fully integrated with Kubernetes, and Entando provides additional functionalities to accelerate development, allow dynamic deployment, and simplify the life of the enterprise in Kubernetes.

Applications can be automatically scaled and self-healed, which will allow organizations to save money by scaling servers on demand to optimize infrastructure resources.

Entando 6 also updates the Entando plugin service to be driven by microservices that are integrated via the Entando Kubernetes infrastructure.

More easily manage identity and access.

Entando 6 is integrated with Keycloak to offer identity management with improved scalability and performance, including features such as single sign-on, social login, and easily customized security and authentication.

Reduce effort and cost by reusing code with the Entando Component Repository.

The Entando Component Repository allows enterprises to integrate and deliver custom solutions, provide a space for collaboration between developers and designers, and maintain a living styleguide. Through the reuse of code, the Component Repository also allows enterprises to harmonize user experiences across all their applications.

Deliver mobile app experiences in a web browser with progressive web apps

With Entando 6, developers have the ability to build progressive web apps, which provide modern mobile experiences while also helping enterprises reduce development costs by using the current skill set of their teams. PWAs provide user experiences that help enterprises increase customer engagement and drive content.

With Entando 6, innovate faster than ever before

Entando 6 allows enterprises to rapidly innovate and deploy simplified and intuitive user experiences by using leading edge development tools on top of a robust DevOps infrastructure built on Kubernetes. Enterprises are able to produce minimum viable products more quickly and at a lower cost while also reducing unnecessary complexity with a standard architecture approach.

All of this adds up to Entando being the leading open source micro frontend platform for building enterprise web apps on Kubernetes. 


CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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