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Entando - Friday, June 10, 2022
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Friday, 10th June 2022

Forum PA has been the main event for decades to discuss and share ideas on the modernization process  of the Italian Public Administration.

This edition of the Forum PA is placed in a unique context compared to past editions because it is the first in presence after the restrictions caused by Covid and, above all, because it takes place in a period characterized by a unique and perhaps unrepeatable opportunity, the European funds for which the first calls have already been published.

The Forum PA  2022 has announced the European funds as one of the main topics to discuss at this year’s event. The reference to the new paradigms of the digital transformation is very appropriate and it’s in this context that Entando’s participation in the event takes place. 

Entando was founded to meet the growing demand for  IT tools to reduce the complexity and cost of developing applications for any type of organization. Entando develops an open source Application Composition Platform on Kubernetes that can facilitate the modular development of applications allowing development teams to organize their projects according to the required functionality that can be developed, implemented and updated separately and reused on different solutions. 

Modular applications enable organizations to quickly adapt to changing market demands thanks to Packaged Business Capabilities (PBC), a software containing components that represent a well-defined business functionality.

Entando’s vision provides a new approach to the applications and portals development that starts from the awareness that reusable and modular components improve the response to business needs and the ability to innovate quickly.


The Public Administration Reform, designed in the European funds, is based on a strong development of digital public services, with particular attention on security. This challenges the Public Administration IT sector to adapt for flexibility and adaptability which has never been required until now. To be successful, it is necessary to revolutionize the paradigms of development and deployment of IT systems by adopting the modular application approach.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it should be underlined that the adoption of composable cloud-native applications implies the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the services provided by the Public Administration, and also allows to obtain significant economic savings as well as an improvement in energy efficiency and greater environmental sustainability thanks to an optimized consumption of IT resources. 

Entando represents the solution to the challenges that the Public Administration faces in this particular context: providing increasingly digitalized and inclusive services to citizens, enterprises and other PAs, creating modular applications that allow acceleration and simplify the time to market, increasing standardization, reusability and safety with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.


During the Forum PA 2022, Entando will hold two workshops: Tuesday, June 14, 2022, from 10:30 11:00, "A Modular Application Architecture for the agile development of Public Administration online services" and Thursday, June 16, 2022, from 10:30 to 11:00, "Realization of a Composable Application in cloud-native environment". Both workshops enrich and enhance the conversation digital transformation.

About Entando

Entando is an open-source software company providing an application composition platform for building enterprise web applications on Kubernetes.  Focused on helping companies fully modularize their applications and align frontend and backend code updates, Entando helps simplify application lifecycle management by automating and accelerating responsiveness to security vulnerabilities, bug fix demands, and requests for enhancements. In 2015, Entando was named in the "Cool Vendors in Web Computing" Gartner report. In 2017, it became an official Red Hat Technology Partner, and Entando's platform won the Digital360 Awards prize in the cloud computing category in 2018.


CIO Alert - There is an Application Composition Platform in your Future

By Massimo Pezzini, Independent IT Advisor


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