“What’s Next?”

Entando began in Sardinia, a Mediterranean island that smells of Italian strawflowers and mistral, with beautiful landscapes, a rich history, and hardworking people. It was here that we began an open source community focused on simplifying how enterprise apps are composed. This open source platform is designed for enterprise organizations. It allows users to create custom applications, automate processes, and manage data without the need for traditional coding. But, Entando has two key advantages with broader implications.

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Social impact: Entando is an inclusive platform. Everyone can use and contribute to Entando, in every environment, in every circumstance.

Environmental impact: Entando supports the development of cloud-native complex applications, which allows the optimization of infrastructure resource consumption reducing the direct carbon emissions.


Our Story

One a sunny day, during a hike to see the wild horses of Giara di Gesturi in Sardinia, our founders discussed the trends in enterprise software, such as Linux containers, Kubernetes, and the need to simplify how modular frontend architectures are built. During that hike, they resolved to build ‘what’s next’, the meaning behind Entando. Today, Entando is a worldwide team focused on reducing the complexity and runtime costs for enterprise applications.

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Our Culture

Our innovative culture puts people first. We believe that happy and engaged employees make better solutions. We’re looking for smart, creative people who enjoy building things. Our purpose is to have genuine human impact, for our employees, our collaborators and customers, and the larger community. There are few places where people come together in such a beautiful way to build something amazing. It's the passion of teamwork that makes us stand out. Because at Entando, we're all about making progress together!

Entando Listed as a Sample Vendor in Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Cloud Platform Services, 2022

The report addresses the definition, importance, drivers, business impact, and obstacles for Application Composition Platforms and lists Entando as one of the Sample Vendors.

Life at Entando across the world

Career Opportunities

We’re always looking for talented people that can help us create and deliver the best development tools for enterprises.

If you are a passionate worker who’s always willing to learn new things, grow in your role, and be part of enabling fast innovation on Kubernetes, we’d love to meet you!