Open Source with Enterprise Support

Why Buy A Subscription?

Entando is fully open source and licensed under the LGPL v3. At Entando, we believe that open source development is vital to ensuring that our software supports the needs of our community and that the platform can evolve quickly to include new innovations. However, subscriptions provide you with key services that are often required for many enterprise production environments, including some mission-critical concerns.

What’s Included In A Subscription

Commercial Use License

Gain full access to Entando’s source code and make proprietary modifications

Operational Assurance

Gain access to Entando’s Customer Portal to open trouble tickets and request hot-fixes

Guided Project Assistance

Receive help with your architecture, development, and operations from skilled engineers

Security Assurance

Gain access to an alert system, security patches, and support from Entando’s response team

Flexible Lifecycle Management

Plan your Entando upgrade and support options

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