Modefinance -part of the TeamSystem group- is a Fintech Rating Agency registered as a CRA and ECAI, specialized in developing digital solutions for credit risk assessment and management.
Thanks to its data science and AI-based multi-objective rating evaluation methodology, MORE, Modefinance provides accurate and transparent credit risk analyses of any company or financial institution worldwide.
Modefinance solutions allow users to easy access to all the public financial data and information and are provided with a powerful array of risk analysis tools for the automation of all theevaluation procedures.
The company counts key market players across different countries among its clients, including insurance companies, banks, corporates, holdings as well as institutions.
For an instant sneak peek of more than 25 million European companies, we developed s-peek, a free mobile app, which allows you to assess partners, clients and suppliers, in a click. You will be able to rapidly know any company’s creditworthiness and financial health, thanks to the MORE
score, credit limit, negativities, financials, BoD and more.

In 2021, to further increase the scope and expand the offer to foreign and non-European markets, modefinance has launched its international branch, with a specific technological focus on bringing FinTech and financial innovation to the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and with the ultimate aim of speeding up the innovative drive towards internationalization.