Entando enables you to thrive in the Capability Economy

Enhance agility and build value by leveraging composable business capabilities in your applications

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How Does It Work?

The Entando Platform's composable application lifecycle involves four stages: Create, Curate, Compose, and Consume. This process is not linear but agile and iterative, especially for organizations further along their composability journey.

Creators build new application components and bundle existing code into reusable building blocks, free to choose the technologies that meet their needs.

Curators organize bundles and components to share and reuse across teams and projects. Components can be sourced internally or from the Entando Cloud Hub which offers a selection of pre-built solutions that can be easily integrated into any application.

Composers utilize the curated bundles and components to assemble a seamless and cohesive user experience across a complex application.

End-users interact with the application, consuming its features to perform tasks and achieve their objectives.

What is Platform Architecture?

Entando is a modern, open-source development and runtime platform tailored for Kubernetes providers. It streamlines the process of building, reusing, and assembling applications on Kubernetes. Acting as a bundle orchestrator, Entando simplifies the development, deployment, and management of applications composed of modular bundles. Each bundle represents a self-contained collection of components serving distinct functionalities or services, all coordinated seamlessly by Entando to create cohesive applications.

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Entando Components

Entando CLI.svg

Entando CLI

Command-line interface for project management.

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Entando Component Generator

Automates code structure creation for app components

App Builder.svg

Entando App Builder

Visual UI for low-code web app development and management

Entando Platform Capability (EPC).svg

Entando Platform Capability (EPC)

Enhances platform functionality and UX controls

Entando Identity Management System.svg

Entando Identity Management System

User authentication system with external integration

Entando Kubernetes Operator.svg

Entando Kubernetes Operator

Manages Entando apps in Kubernetes

App Engine.svg

Entando App Engine

Runtime environment for deploying Entando-built apps

Entando Hub.svg

Entando Hub

Repository for sharing and accessing reusable components

What Problems Does It Solve?

Entando Platform is a cutting-edge solution that addresses the following critical pain points, empowering companies to thrive in their digital transformation journey

Complex Development Process.svg

Complex Development Process

Scalability and Efficiency.svg

Scalability and Efficiency

Time-to-Market Pressure.svg

Time-to-Market Pressure

Customization and Flexibility.svg

Customization and Flexibility

Legacy System Integration.svg

Legacy System Integration

If you want to discover more, download the Platform Overview Document