The Value of Entando Product Support Subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Entando software is open source and free for anyone to use. The technical team and leaders within the Entando community believe that open source development for enterprise software is vital to ensuring that software supports the needs of the community, while also ensuring the fastest and most innovative evolution of the included features. However, enterprises leveraging Entando for production environments benefit greatly from an Entando product support subscription. Subscriptions provide customers with key services required by most enterprises for most production environments, including mission critical concerns.

Subscriptions provide customers with the services and knowledge they need to maintain the level of assurance needed for the production use of Entando. This includes up to 24x7x365 support for hot fixes and operational support, access to stable product releases, service packs and updates, notifications regarding security alerts and new security patches, as well as introduction into a series of industry experts in the implementation of Entando. Traditional licenses have varying rules but often are specific to a product version or major product version, requiring an additional purchase for new versions. Traditional licenses also often require a separate maintenance agreement that provides some of the services that are available on an enterprise subscription. Entando product support subscriptions instead provide access to all active versions and access to future versions of the product for an annual fee.

What does the subscription include?

Entando Product Support Subscriptions provide customers the following key values and services:

  • Commercial Use License: Use of the community bits for Entando are governed under the Gnu Lesser General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLV3.0). Customers who purchase an Entando Product Support Subscription are also granted a commercial license to the source for Entando allowing them to freely modify the code without contribution back to the community.
  • Operational Assurance: Entando also provides several services to ensure the success of their projects, including the ability to open trouble tickets and requests for hot-fixes (both online and on the phone); access to the Entando Customer Portal containing the maintenance repository of existing hotfixes, service packs, and security patches; the ability to request formal Request-For-Enhancements (RFE’s); access to engineering resources; and input into future roadmap features.
  • Guided Project Assistance: Customers are also given access to a team of skilled engineers to help with the architectural, developmental, and operational support assistance for their projects.
  • Security Assurance: All code is subject to penetration and disruption by outside attacks that are continually evolving. Entando Product Support Subscriptions provide access to an alert system, security patches, along with access to Entando’s Security Response Team.
  • Flexible Lifecycle Management: Entando customers can plan their upgrade and support options.

Only with Entando Product Support Subscriptions can customers can be guaranteed their support will be part of the ongoing development life cycle of Entando. Given that Entando is open source, other vendors and enterprises can provide custom support to customers using the Entando open source. However, there is no assurance that those updates will be included in future Entando versions or will be compatible with other updates and security alerts or patches available from Entando.

Entando is licensed by the number of vCPU or Cores used for each project. Additionally, Subscription is calculated per app based on number of cores in a production environment but it starts from the development time (not from production time) Development Server, Test, QA, and Hot or Cold Standby are charged at 50% of price of production subscription of production cores.
8 cores = 16vCPU when hyperthreading is enabled. When hyperthreading is not enabled and each visible system core relates to a physical core, 8 cores = 8 vCPU.
Development, Test, QA, and Hot or Cold Standby servers are charged at 50% of the price of a production subscription of production cores.

Subscriptions are licensed per year and the start of development. Multiple year contracts are available to simplify planning and procurement.

Subscriptions are auto renewed unless a customer cancels the renewal within 60 days of the contract end date. When canceling, customers must specify which deployment and contact names are removed from the contract.

Customers who cancel a renewal are no longer able to leverage the benefits of Entando subscriptions as described above. Customers do however, retain the commercial license for all advancements made to date on their implementation but not after. Customers who’s subscription expires, and who then want to renew, must renew on the original renewal date and pay an additional 15% renewal fee on top of the subscription fee.

Customers can review status within the customer portal or by contacting their sales or support representative.