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Entando - martedì 12 marzo 2024
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From increased agility to faster innovation, reduced costs and a low learning curve, an Application Composition Platform (ACP) delivers significant benefits and can transform the way you develop and manage your enterprise applications. But not all ACPs are alike—and it can be challenging for IT leaders to compare and choose from different competing platforms.

With a limited, unwieldy ACP, the big benefits of composable applications become more difficult to unlock. Adoption takes longer, the learning curve is slower, and your time to value can be severely affected. This is a particularly significant challenge when your approach to composition depends on multiple tools and technologies, rather than a single feature-rich platform that streamlines the process .

The Entando composable solution was built from the ground up to deliver a frictionless user experience—one that makes it easier for enterprises of every shape and size to unlock the advantages of composable applications.

Entando, an ACP designed around the composable application lifecycle

At the core of Entando is an iterative approach to application composition, adding flexibility and faster time to value to the development lifecycle..

1. Create
At the start of the journey, creators build new application components with specific functionality in mind.  These functions contain reusable bundles of code ready to use across multiple applications..

2. Curate
Curators choose, approve, and organize bundle groups that fulfil a given business requirement. These groups—containing one or more bundle entries or pieces of functionality—can be used across the business to support faster, more flexible, and iterative development. 

3. Compose
Composers take the curated building blocks and bring them together into applications, creating new tools and experiences while leveraging all the work that’s already been done to develop core functionality.

4. Consume
Finally, end users interact with the application you’ve composed—from customers to colleagues and partners. Consumers are also a valuable source of feedback on their direct interaction with the application, supporting an iterative process and perpetual improvements.

What makes Entando different?


Entando is the ACP that empowers enterprises with access to sophisticated application composition in a way that’s fast, flexible, and impactful.

A cohesive, cloud-native platform

Entando isn’t a collection of discrete products loosely brought together to create an ACP. It’s purpose-built for application composition, so you can maximize the benefits with a seamless, intuitive experience. And with cloud-native architecture, Entando offers increased scalability and reliability compared to an on-premise implementation.

Enabling closer collaboration

An ACP provides the tools to compose applications faster and with less new code, but development still requires collaboration between developers, enterprise users, operations teams and even external providers of ready-to-use building blocks. Entando enables everyone from both business and technical divisions to collaborate within a single platform, closing the gap between operations and IT, not just in development but throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Fast access to proven functionality 

By definition, an effective ACP is a repository for all your proprietary functionality—code that supports faster development of frontend applications and operational tools.  Entando goes further by  linking you to a wider repository  of bundles via the Entando Cloud Hub. As a result, you can benefit from the development effort of other enterprises and expert providers, elevating the quality of your application while accelerating development time even further.

The advantage of open source

In part, open source software is more readily available to enterprises, enabling more organizations to tap into the potential of composable applications. However, an open source also raises the overall standard and quality of your ACP, with a community of developers constantly checking, improving and enhancing the open source code base. Entando combines an open source ethos with the kind of hands-on, expert support you would expect from a closed platform.

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The benefits of application composition are numerous—and Entando is the ACP that helps you see those benefits faster. Built on Kubernetes, Entando helps businesses address time-to-market pressure, simplify complex development processes, manage applications efficiently, and scale effortlessly.

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