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Entando - martedì 9 aprile 2024
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Like every business, organisations in the banking, financial services and insurance industry are under increasing pressure to meet high ESG expectations. Deloitte reports that 61% of banking customers want their bank to deliver more positive social and environmental impact. At the same time, effectively monitoring and managing ESG metrics has become a vital part of risk management and due diligence across the financial supply chain.

Technology and data have an important role to play—but traditional models of software development have the potential to introduce unnecessary risk and complexity. McKinse highlights functional silos as a major issue, alongside the inevitable technical debt of tactical, short-term solutions that become irrelevant as ESG priorities shift and evolve.

The answer? A more flexible, agile approach to software—one that enables BFSI organisations to rapidly develop and launch ESG capabilities, while also making the process of development itself more sustainable and efficient.

A pivotal tool for ESG management in finance

Allowing businesses to kickstart their ESG management journey, the Entando Composable ESG Solution is a ready-to-use foundation built on best-in-class technology. The solution brings together multiple Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) for ESG monitoring and management—distinct bundles of tried-and-tested functionality that you can use immediately.

At its core, the Entando Composable ESG Solution offers four key capabilities:

  1. ESG Data Collection & Management to collate ESG data from multiple sources and provide a single overall view of your performance
  2. Integrated ESG Scoring to support your decision making with an objective measure of any organisation’s ESG performance
  3. Stakeholder Engagement Tools to help you embed ESG best practice along your supply chain and keep your internal teams and external partners aligned
  4. Compliance and Risk Management features to help you maintain compliance and understand your most significant ESG risks

With a composable solution, you can also rapidly integrate and deploy additional business capabilities to create a tailored ESG platform. This could include ready-made PBCs from the Entando Catalog, or purpose-built functionality developed by your own teams or partners.

Transforming the application development lifecycle

With the Entando Composable ESG Solution, financial firms can achieve clarity over their ESG performance, monitor the impact of changes, and increase supply chain visibility. 

Entando can also bring improved efficiency and governance to more bespoke software development, eliminating waste with the ability to re-use and repurpose blocks of functionality. From plastics to technology, we can all agree that single-use is bad for the world around us. Entando’s Application Composition Platform (ACP) applies this methodology to your software, unlocking new ways to maximize your efficiency—while also accelerating your time to market and giving you the competitive edge.

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