AICOF is a Software House based in Cagliari, Sardinia. We harness the impressive skills of 50+ tech talents to deliver high quality custom software and system integration projects. We specialize in Public Sector Digital Transformation projects, spanning from e-Health services to high-capacity Document and Process Managing.

Our products deliver efficient and innovative digital public services to millions of citizens, ranging from regional-level authorities to national government agencies. We believe our work is most fun when it combines our passion for technology with the purpose of making people's lives easier.

Our multidisciplinary teams cover all the phases of the production process: insightful business analysis and careful planning, Human Centered Design, High Definition Prototyping, State-of-the-art software development, smooth and reliable automation. And that's just the start: once the project is set up, we follow through meeting our clients' change management needs: modern workforce training programs, impeccable user support, competent consultancy.

Vanguard - AICOF's R&D division - is focused on finding new solutions to our typical business domain issues, experimenting cutting edge technology implementations.

As every good superhero, we are always in for a team-up: we are currently partnering with international IT firms such as Accenture, Almaviva, Dedalus. In october 2021 Gruppo Maggioli - among Italy's largest IT corporations - acquired a stake in AICOF, widening our range of market opportunities.

Application fields and Technologies mastered

We develop high performance document and process management solutions mostly - but not exclusively - aimed at public sector services. We usually build cloud-native backends as micro-service architectures with Kubernetes orchestration. Technologies and languages: Java (Spring Boot), Kafka message broker, Mongo / Oracle DBMS, C#. Our front-ends are typically designed as Single Page Applications, with a strong preference for Angular.

Industry Expertise

Public sector digital services engineering. More specifically, document and process management for e-Health or administrative solutions represents the largest share of our projects and revenues, both as B2B and B2G contracts.

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