aizoOn is an independent technology consulting company focused on innovation, operating globally through  aizoOn Italy, aizoOn USA and aizoOn AUS group companies.

aizoOn supports the future of its Customers in the digital era by offering technology and innovation competences and by responding to their specific requirements with a broad and articulated intervention capability:

Consulting Services

aizoOn provides its customers with a wide range of specialized consulting services; by abiding to high standards for the selection of its technological Consultants, aizoOn ensures their high qualification in terms of professional skills and personal qualities.

·        Turnkey Projects, IT Operations and Solutions

it aggregates technological and methodological competences of excellence, the governance capacity and the effective realization capability to produce deliverables through all the steps involved in the design and implementation of software and hardware products.

·        Platforms and Products

it has developed proprietary SW products in the strategic sector of Cyber Security, web platforms for cross-sectoral applications focused on advanced analytics and Industrial Internet of Things solutions.

R&D Projects

it has acquired a consolidated experience in guiding and participating to funded research projects, both at the European and Italian level.

aizoOn is among the founding members of 4 national, highly-specialized Competence Centers: Manufacturing 4.0 (in Turin), Made (in Milan), Start 4.0 (in Genoa) and Cyber 4.0 (in Rome).

aizoOn is a founding member of ECSO (European Cyber Security Organization), signatory of the cPPP (Contractual Public Private Partnership) called by the European Commission on the theme of Cyber Security.